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Program Name:OBSTETRICIAN 产科医生

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Introduction of TV serial “Obstetricians” He Jing was a further training physician in the severe pregnant women treatment center of the provincial university affiliated hospital, she came from a tiny county and born in a single-parent family. A postpartum hemorrhage case occurred at the first day when she was entering the center. Both the new director Xiao Cheng and vice director Wei Lili could not solve this case, but He Jing saved the patient in the critical juncture by using an old traditional method learned from the primary hospital. You Sengmei, vice president Qu Jinming’s wife, happened to discover an unpredictable secret, that He Jing was the daughter of Qu Jinming and his first love. The secret lead to an old story which had been sealed off for years. Xiao Cheng mastered a lot of advanced theories and techniques when he was learning from American, but he found a lot of collisions between his ideal and the reality when he came back to China. He Jing and he had faced lots of difficulties together, at first they disregarded each other, then they understood and appreciated each other, and finally they felt in love with each other. We would see a lot of obstetricians with conscientious and true to life, and although they varied in character, perception, experience, and position, they all did their best to accomplish their duties when dealing with every single patient, they showed us the “positive energy” of modern medical workers . 《产科医生》故事梗概 出生于单亲家庭的何晶从小县城来省城大学附院重症孕产妇救治中心进修,第一天就遇到一个病人发生产后大出血,新上任的产科主任肖程和副主任魏丽丽都没能解决,何晶却用基层医院的"土办法"解决了难题。副院长曲晋明的夫人尤盛美无意发现,何晶竟是曲晋明初恋情人的女儿,这又演绎出沉寂多年的一段往事;海归主任肖程在国外掌握了很多先进的理念和技术,但是回国后却发现和现实有很多格格不入的地方,他和何晶共同面对了很多困难,从最初的互相不屑到相互理解再到相互欣赏一直到最后的相爱。本剧还塑造了一批有血有肉的产科医生的形象,他们尽管在个性、观念、经历、职务上各有所别,但面对每一位病患都能尽职尽责,充分展现了当代医务工作者的"正能量"。
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Participating Company (Full name):Dongyang Le Flower Film and TV Co.,Ltd. 东阳市乐视花儿影视文化有限公司 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:OBSTETRICIAN 产科医生 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 约45 )Min( )Sec ×( 42 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2014-06-18
Broadcaster:浙江电视台经济生活频道 Name:
Director:Xiaoping Li 李小平 Scriptwriter:Zuomin Zhang 张作民 Zuoren Zhang 张作人
Cameraman:Zhigang Li 李志刚
Previous Awards :·2014年12月17日,荣获“2014国剧盛典”电视剧“十佳电视剧奖”。 ·2014横店影视节“文荣奖”“优秀电视剧入围奖”。 ·2015年3月12日,荣获2014中国电视剧上海排行榜“品质奖”及“最受观众喜爱的电视剧奖”。 ·2015年3月21日,荣获“2014北京电视台电视剧品质奖”。 ·2015年6月12日,荣获第21届上海电视节“白玉兰奖”“最佳电视剧提名奖”。 ·2015年6月16日,荣获浙江省第二十五届“牡丹奖”(电视剧)“二等奖”。 Producer:Qi Dun 敦淇