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Program Name:臺灣部落寶藏 / Tribe Alive

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The indigenous tribes of Taiwan are little known to outsiders, yet they number over half a million individuals spread across 16 recognised tribes. This three-part series shows the determination within these tribes to hold on to their unique ways of life, even as Taiwan continues to modernise. From rites of passage to wedding ceremonies, from hunter-gathering to cooking competitions, from restoring museum pieces to rebuilding tribal homes, they are maintaining their cultures as best they can. And more and more, the outsiders are realising there is much we can learn from the tribes – not least, their respect for their environment, and their ability to adapt to nature rather than to try to conquer it. 世界各地原住民族群的生活智慧與傳統文化,透過歌謠、圖騰、祭典,代代相傳,然而隨著現代化,這些部落正面臨著如何保留及傳承文化的挑戰。《臺灣部落寶藏》首度以原住民族生活為主題與原住民族委員會合作,記錄臺灣原住民族傳統部落的生活文化與傳統精神,透過阿美族豐年祭以及排灣族婚禮呈現原住民族對於大自然的崇敬;太魯閣族獵人養成之路,則展現了原住民族飲食文化中順應環境的觀念;同時,原住民族的建築智慧,更是讓人津津樂道,排灣族石板屋的修復,揭開蘊藏在建築工藝背後的社會制度與生活巧思。
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Participating Company (Full name):德宇製作有限公司Dynamic Communications Co., Ltd Country/Territory:Taiwan
Programme Title:臺灣部落寶藏 / Tribe Alive Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 144 )Min( )Sec ×( 3 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2016-06-08
Broadcaster:亞洲/ Discovery Channel Name:
Director:盧曉筠Frances Lu/ 張與蘭 Yulan Chang/ 莊昇霖、蕭孟婷 Koban Chuang Scriptwriter:盧曉筠Frances Lu/ 張與蘭 Yulan Chang/ 莊昇霖、蕭孟婷 Koban Chuang
Previous Awards : Producer:史祖德Gary Shih