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Program Name:綻放真台灣5 / Taiwan: Island of Fish

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Fish is a part of almost every aspect of life in Taiwan. Some fishermen brave typhoons to catch them, while others venture across the world to fill their nets. At home, others use them to prepare varieties of local delicacies, and some breed the most ornamental ones for show and for sale. They are even a part of medical research, and changing the way people may live in the future. From the stomachs to the eyes, and the economy to the culture, fish has done the Taiwanese well. In this series, we explore the ways in which the people of Taiwan relate to fish, and try to strike symbiosis with nature, in a quest to balance their tradition, values and a new way of life. Taiwan – Island of Fish. 在台灣人的生活當中,處處可以看見魚的蹤影。也因為牠們,有漁民用生命去對抗風浪,有的在世界另一端的海洋灑網。因為牠們,廚師們研究出各式的佳餚,也有人瘋狂培育新的品種供人買賣與欣賞。牠們甚至成為醫學研究中的重要一環,提供改變人類未來的可能性。 魚,就是台灣文化的一部份。
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Participating Company (Full name):德宇製作有限公司 Dynamic Communications Co., Ltd. Country/Territory:Taiwan
Programme Title:綻放真台灣5 / Taiwan: Island of Fish Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 288 )Min( )Sec ×( 6 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2016-09-12
Broadcaster:全球/ Global Name:徐沛希/ Beverly Hsu
Director:莊昇霖Koban Chuang/周文欽Wenchin Chou /姚執善Andrew Yao/蔡侑勳Yu Hsun Tsai / 黃建亮Albert Huang Scriptwriter:莊昇霖Koban Chuang/周文欽Wenchin Chou /姚執善Andrew Yao/蔡侑勳Yu Hsun Tsai / 黃建亮Albert Huang
Previous Awards :2016拉斯維加斯國際電影節評審團特別獎、 2015第50屆電視金鐘獎最佳科學節目獎提名 2015第50屆電視金鐘獎最佳剪輯、最佳攝影 Producer:史祖德(Gary Shih)