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Program Name:Taiwan's mainland Veterans looking for "adversary" 大陆老兵台湾寻找“对手”

  • Introduction
Social and cultural documentary "China Taiwan veterans looking for" opponents "" Brief introduction As a director Zhou Ting, during the Spring Festival in 2015, that media had interviewed a senior, has a multi-year broadcast veteran Wushi Ze idea: to go to Taiwan to meet with each other when the familiar sound has never been seen to seek "peer enemy . " As a media person, announcer Wushi Ze is ashes frontline veterans, he (she) is the last century fifties Language sounding announcer Taiwan Strait artillery. At that time, in addition to the two sides artillery, as well as a unique form of broadcasting war, which is used both broadcasters psychological warfare, propaganda war, as both sides across each other in a dialogue among familiar with each other's names and so the situation can be said familiar with each other never met opponents, then they are the young people today, half a century later, these veterans are already over seventy years old man. With the rapid development of cross-strait relations and peaceful growth, economic trade volume increased year by year, people on both sides of the frequent exchanges become more frequent, it is in this background the mainland broadcast veteran sprouted an idea, that is, looking back and look only heard , familiar with each other, but never broadcast opponents face. Search process can be said to be twists and turns, for example, when we reach the year's most famous, is the hero of the year was awarded a medal of the Kuomintang army frontline island of Matsu announcer Tang Lizhu when, unfortunately, due to the advanced age, she herself is wait do eye surgery, do not work in the city from the crew, the crew rushed to Tang Lizhu night car city where, after careful communication and coordination, Tang Lizhu himself was broadcast veteran mainland sincerity touched, promised to meet, this is the humanistic documentary "Wushi Ze Taiwan Looking for "opponent," "shot through.
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Participating Company (Full name):Beijing Long Chuang International Film Culture Media Limited Liability Company 北京龙创国际影视文化传媒有限责任公司 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:Taiwan's mainland Veterans looking for "adversary" 大陆老兵台湾寻找“对手” Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 17 )Min( )Sec ×( 1 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2015-05-03
Broadcaster:中国福建省电视台 Name:
Director:Zhou Ting周霆 Scriptwriter:Feng Yujing冯宇婧
Cameraman:Ling Xianlong凌显龙
Previous Awards : Producer:Liu Yansong刘岩松