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Program Name:Be My Dad Forever 下辈子还做我老爸

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导 演:刘二威 编 剧:韩天航 领衔主演:侯勇、王力可、吴启华、李琳(大) 李琳(小)、骆达华、姜黎黎、杨青 出品方:西安曲江影视投资(集团)有限公司 华商传媒集团 深圳东方赛富投资有限公司 集数:33集 类型:都市情感 出品时间;2014年 出品人:梁英建 刘东明 刘俊宏 Director:Liu Erwei Scriptwriter:Han Tianhang Starring:Hou Yong, Wang Like, Wu Qihua, Li Lin (Major), Li Lin (Minor), Luo Dahua, Jiang Lili, and Yang Qing Producing Corporation:Xi'an Qujiang Film & TV Investment (Group) Co., LTD. Huashang Media Group Shenzhen Esaif-Capital Investment Co., LTD. Number of episodes:33 Type:Urban love Producing time: 2014 Producers:Liang Yingjian, Liu Dongming, and Liu Junhong 剧情梗概: Plot outline: 新疆建设兵团的上海知青陆远山为了出国,抛弃同是上海知青的未婚妻田美娜,而此时的田美娜已经怀有身孕。牧民沙陀救下寻死的田美娜,并愿与之结婚承担责任。田美娜生下一对双胞胎,却因失血过多而死,临终托付沙陀照顾儿女成人,并不许儿女与陆远山相认。而在田美娜的葬礼上,上海知青王强、许琴因自己不能生育,在他们返回上海之前偷走了田美娜生下的男婴,改名为王子城;而女婴则由沙陀抚养成人,取名沙小娜。二十年后,沙陀成为一个成功的牧业企业家,为了完成亡妻的遗愿,沙陀带着沙小娜回上海认亲寻兄,不想与其生父再次相遇。一面是血脉相连的生父,一面是恩重如山的养父,一对兄妹备受情感的困扰,并在上海这个大都市寻找各自的爱情和事业。 In order to go abroad, Lu Yuanshan, an educated youth from Shanghai in the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, abandoned his fiancée Tian Meina, also an educated youth from Shanghai. At that time, Tian Meina was already pregnant. Herdsman Sha Tuo rescued Tian Meina who was going to commit suicide, and was willing to marry her to bear the responsibility. Tian Meina gave birth to a couple of twins,yet, died because of too much blood loss. Before her death, she entrusted Sha Tuo with the care of her offspring until their adulthood, and her children were never allowed to recognize Lu Yuanshan as their father. At Tian Meina's funeral,Shanghai educated youths Wang Qiang and Xu Qin stole the male baby born by Tian Meina and renamed him as Wang Zicheng before their return to Shanghai, because they did not have the ability of childbearing themselves. The female baby was raised to maturity by Sha Tuo, and was named as Sha Xiaona. Twenty years later, Sha Tuo became a successful entrepreneur in animal husbandry. In order to fulfill his dead wife's unfulfilled wish, Sha Tuo took Sha Xiaona back to Shanghai to seek her brother. Unexpectedly, they met Sha Xiaona’s natural father. On the one side, there was the natural father with blood relation, but on the other side, there were their foster fathers to whom she/he owed a great debt of gratitude. The brother and sister suffered a great emotional dilemma, and in this metropolis Shanghai, they were seeking their own love and career.
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Participating Company (Full name):XI'AN QUJIANG FILM&TV INVESTMENT(GROUP)CO.LTD 西安曲江影视投资(集团)有限公司 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:Be My Dad Forever 下辈子还做我老爸 Programme Category:
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Director:Liu Erwei刘二威 Scriptwriter:Han Tianhang韩天航
Cameraman:A Bin 阿彬、A Long阿龙、A Ming阿明
Previous Awards : Producer:Qiao Xinfeng乔新风