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Program Name:Tangshan memory 唐山记忆

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Memories of Tangshan It is divided into 3 sets for this documentary, which is backgrounded by the experience of ordinary people who experienced the Mega-earthquakes of Tangshan 40 years ago. This documentary shows not only the spirit and vigour but also the courage that Tangshan men has exhibited in the face of catastrophe. It also reflects human love and great changes which the heroes’ city, Tangshan, has taken place for 40 years. The first episode 《memory•rebirth》 By describing a paraplegic couples and a family recombine after the earthquake. This episode is about an independent and self-reliance living course under the care of the part and the government and the community during these 40 years. It shows indomitable spirit of Tangshan men after the earthquake as well as the experience of recombining family since they had lost family. The second episode 《memory•changes》 This episode focuses on some people’s work and live experience after the earthquake. they are a table tennis coach, a coal mine worker from Kailuan and an orphan due to the earthquake. It shows Tangshan men’s spirit , which is integrated with the tide of the times, has been promoted. Owing to they experienced the catastrophe and do everything by their own efforts. Owing to the changes of Tangshan and the economies in transition as well. With the development of the city , Tangshan men’s fate closely connected with the city of phonenix. The third episode 《memory•reunion》 There are two stories in the third episode. One is about looking for the rescuers from the Mega-earthquakes of Tangshan 40 years ago, the other is about focusing on the ordinary people in Tangshan succoured the people who have been affected drastically by Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan. These two stories above shows the Tangshan people’s love which has put gratitude into selfless and has determineded to serve the society for 40 years.
唐山记忆 该纪录片共分3集,该片以亲身经历过唐山大地震的普通唐山人40年经历为故事背景,集中展示唐山人在大灾大难面前表现出来的气概、气势、气魄,折射出唐山这座英雄城市40年的变迁和人性的大爱。 第一集《记忆•重生》 通过描述一对截瘫夫妇和一个震后重组家庭40年中在党和政府以及社会各界的关怀下,自强自立的生活历程,展现了震后唐山人不屈不挠的精神状态和失去家庭、重建家庭的生活经历。 第二集《记忆•变迁》 以一名乒乓球教练、一名开滦煤矿矿工和一名地震孤儿各自的震后工作、生活经历,展示了经历过灾难的唐山人通过自身的努力,使自己的命运与唐山这座欲火重生的城市紧密相联,同时伴随着这座城市的发展、变迁,与经济转型等大时代浪潮相融合的精神升华。 第三集《记忆•重逢》 以寻找当年大地震的救助者和普通唐山人救助四川汶川受灾群众两个故事为脉络,展现了唐山人40年来把感恩之情化成无私奉献、回报社会的大爱之心。
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Participating Company (Full name):Tangshan radio and television station唐山广播电视台 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:Tangshan memory 唐山记忆 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 40 )Min( )Sec ×( 3 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2016-07-28
Broadcaster:全国首播 中央电视台科教频道 Name:
Director:Li DeGang李德刚等 Scriptwriter:Xi GuoQiang辛国强等
Cameraman:Jin YanZhe金延哲等
Previous Awards : Producer:Song LiAn宋丽安