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Program Name:The Journey of Flower 花千骨

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The ancient world is divided into six realms. Hua Qian Gu is an unlucky human orphan who looks for a chance to learn magic and martial arts to survive after her parents died. She is guided to Mountain Chang Liu to learn martial arts from Master Bai Zihua, one of the five immortals. Diligent and humble, she competes with other fellow students on the Mountain Chang Liu, including Ni Mantian, daughter of Peng Lai School Master, and ferocious and powerful Shuo Feng. In the admittance trial competition, she defeats others and successfully becomes the first and only disciple of Bai Zihua. Training at Chang Liu School is tough and difficult. But Hua Qiangu makes every effort to meet the criteria of her master. With the accompany of her pet, Tang Bao, a fairy creature of her spirit and occasional visit of Dong Fang Yu Qin, her human friend, her life is happy on the top the mountain . She also makes friends with mysterious and pretty Sha Qianmo, who conceals the true identity of himself to her. With Hua and her master staying under the same roof, and fighting demons together, their love is growing day by day. Qian Gu falls in love with her teacher, but doesn't reveal her true feelings until the end. Although Zi Hua tries to protect her and change her fate, Qian Gu is constantly tortured by the machinations of those who wish to see her dead. The story eventually tells a touching but sad love between a master and a disciple. 五代十国,各国间战火不断,朝政分崩离析,后蜀国力孱弱,还频频遭受西域各国入侵,民不聊生,百姓处于水深火热之中。后蜀平凡孤女花千骨,机缘巧合之下通过重重严格考验成为武林第一大派最年轻的掌门白子画唯一的徒。师徒俩年龄相仿,亦师亦友,而花千骨亦与师父一样以匡扶正义为己任。自入长留拜白子画为师后,花千骨跟随师父一起到后蜀各州游历,救助孤寡,锄强扶弱,屡破奇案。怎料却被觊觎白子画品貌的蓝紫熏投毒加害,白子画为救花千骨,自己身中剧毒。花千骨知晓后,为救师父不惜偷盗前朝流传下来含有解药的兵器。不料兵器出世导致武林各派势力争夺,更导致西域各国发动对后蜀的战争。为了阻止这一切的发生,更不愿师父清誉被毁,花千骨牺牲自己性命将兵器销毁,阻止了战争的发生,为后蜀换来了太平。
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Participating Company (Full name):Shanghai Ciwen Film & TV Communication Co.,Ltd.上海慈文影视传播有限公司 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:The Journey of Flower 花千骨 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 45 )Min( )Sec ×( 50 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2015-06-03
Broadcaster:湖南卫视 Name:
Director:Yufen Lin(Hong Kong)/Linbao Gao(Hong Kong) 林玉芬(香港)高林豹(中国香港) Scriptwriter:Guoguo/Jun Rao 果果/饶俊
Cameraman:Yuzhou Chen/Guowen Chen 陈雨州/陈国文
Previous Awards : Producer:Lijun Tang 唐丽君