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Program Name:The Quick and the Curious 科学快答旋风

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Ep 1 Hack My Commute – 第一集 五秒法则 Find out the answers to the universe's most perplexing everyday mysteries and become a genius at lightning speed. Is the 5 second rule legit? How can Einstein help with your daily commute? Why's it so hard to swat a fly? Do you really think with your gut? 我们将解释日常生活中碰到的最令人困惑的谜题,帮助大家秒速成为科学达人。五秒法则真的靠谱吗?爱因斯坦是怎样帮助我们完成日常通勤的?苍蝇为什么很难被拍到? Ep 2 The Coming Robot Apocalypse – 第二集 机器人恐惧症 What's the boiling point for humans? When is the robot uprising? Why do our fingers wrinkle when wet? Do sports drinks really work? 我们将解释日常生活中碰到的最令人困惑的谜题,帮助大家秒速成为科学达人。人体的沸点是多少?机器人何时能称霸?为什么指尖泡水后会起皱?运动饮料真的有效吗? Ep 3 Secret Science of Cat Videos 第三集 猫咪视频的神奇作用 How can you fool a bloodhound? How much does a cloud weigh? How can you move things with your mind? Why are tattoos permanent? 我们将解释日常生活中碰到的最令人困惑的谜题,帮助大家秒速成为科学达人。如何才能愚弄寻血猎犬?云彩有多重?如何用意念移动物体?纹身为什么不掉色? Ep 4 Dung Beetle Star Search 第四集时间的奥秘 Is it possible for the blind to see? How can you outsmart water? How does your head age faster than your feet? 我们将解释日常生活中碰到的最令人困惑的谜题,帮助大家秒速成为科学达人。盲人有可能看见东西吗?人的脑袋为什么比脚老得快? Ep 5 How to Walk on Water Which body part is strong enough to lift an elephant? What's the secret to walking on water? Can you charge your phone with a lemon? Ep 6 Secret of Eternal Youth Why do we get goose bumps? Can light turn objects invisible? Could you uncook an egg? What happens when in space without a space suit?
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Participating Company (Full name):Discovery-Discovery Networks Asia Pacific 亚太电视网 Country/Territory:Asia
Programme Title:The Quick and the Curious 科学快答旋风 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 30 )Min( )Sec ×( 6 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2016-01-30
Broadcaster:美国Science-US Name:
Director:Derek Owen Scriptwriter:
Cameraman:Doug Glover
Previous Awards : Producer:Kelly McPherson