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Program Name:C.L.I.F3 警徽天职

  • Introduction
《C.L.I.F. 3》 This series continues several storylines from previous seasons, but delves further into relationships of the characters. Yaojia has been promoted to Senior Investigating Officer at CID. His girlfriend, Xinyi, has been struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder since she returned from her peace-keeping mission with the UN. To protect their relationship, Yaojia has to fight against Xinyi’s condition, as well as the difficult circumstances that their job ensues… Guixiang and Xiaoyang return from the first season and they are now with the Traffic Police Department. Their relationship is put to test as they realize more differences between them, and as Guixiang builds friendship with Weng Xuanmei, a nightclub singer who moved in with Guixiang after a series of events... Zhijie and Lantian are married and Lantian now works in the Criminal Investigation Department (CID). Fugitive Chen Yanjun, a former psychiatrist and pedophile, returns with a vengeance to settle scores with Lantian. Yanjun captures Zhijie, and though she eventually escaped, she was left with scars of suspected rape, which she told to no one. When Zhijie became pregnant, Lantian was exuberant, but Zhijie secretly had fears that her pregnancy might be the result of rape... On the other hand, Lantian reunites with Zhongzheng, a long lost friend he met in the police force, only to find that Zhongzheng has become part of an international crime syndicate. When Zhongzheng realizes that Lantian’s probe into a commercial fraud case may expose his crimes, things become complicated and ugly. Eventually the two buddies were forced into a final showdown, to protect what is truly important to them… As the people exterminating criminals and keeping law and order, our characters epitomize Courage, Loyalty, Integrity and Fairness. Despite the blood and tears shed, they fight against all difficulties to carry out their duties with pride and resilience.
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Participating Company (Full name):Mediacorp 新加坡传媒集团 Country/Territory:Singapore
Programme Title:C.L.I.F3 警徽天职 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 46 )Min( )Sec ×( 25 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2014-04-09
Broadcaster:Channel 8,Mediacorp TV Singapore Pte Ltd Name:
Director:Chong Liung Man Scriptwriter:Tang Yeow/Seah Choon Guan/Cheong Yan Peng
Previous Awards : Producer:Chong Liung Man