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Program Name:The Joy Truck3 快乐速递3

  • Introduction
Joy truck is not only the program icon, it represents joyfulness and is also a way to carry out Channel 8’s spirit by spreading the love and warmth to every family in Singapore. The program will integrate various media platforms to allow audiences from any age groups to have different level of involvement. Eg. Youth can download and play specially designed game apps and sponsors will donate when certain targets are met. Similar to the previous two seasons, The Joy Truck 3 is also hosted by Pornsak, with celebrity ambassadors joining him on different missions every week. About The Truck: It is with this joyful theme in mind that underpins the overall design of the new truck. The exterior of the truck is made up of many 3D elements and 2D die-cuts of a variety of printed candies, to represent the simple and joyful pleasures in life. The truck’s exterior also serves as a form of pre-publicity for the programme whilst travelling on the road during filming. The show details such as its premiering date and time are clearly printed on the exterior to attract potential viewers. The interior of the truck is designed to suit the comfort of its guests during filming. As the show may also feature wheelchair-bounders, custom-retractable ramps were specially installed for the ease of boarding, catering to their special needs whilst executing the missions of the hosts and celebrity ambassadors. Program Flow: A beneficiary (organization/family/individual) will be identified every week. The beneficiary will be introduced and their needs will be highlighted at the beginning of the program. After understanding the background of the beneficiary, the host and the ambassador will propose a mission that is able to fulfill the needs of the beneficiary. Eg. To paint the house/to organize an outing/to prepare a sumptuous meal. The Joy Truck will then depart with the host, the ambassador and volunteers to execute the plan. In the process of completing the mission, the interaction among the host, the ambassador, the group of volunteers and the beneficiary bring out the kindness and give a deeper depiction on human nature.
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Participating Company (Full name):Mediacorp 新加坡传媒集团 Country/Territory:Singapore
Programme Title:The Joy Truck3 快乐速递3 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 46 )Min( )Sec ×( 10 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2015-10-28
Broadcaster:新加坡传媒集团 Name:
Director:Cassandra Chew/Kenneth Lau Scriptwriter:Kim Teo/Lim Shih Han
Cameraman:Kim Teo/Lim Shih Han
Previous Awards : Producer:Elaine See/Kim Teo