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Program Name:Little Shops 小店铺

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In most old neighborhoods In Singapore, tiny shops are humbly hidden in that hardly garner any attention, in "Little Shops" we identify 13 that with stories to tell, and do a makeover to change the life of the people behind them. This 13 projects include transformed an old grocery store to a trendy tidbit store, turned a miniscule shop into a tech hub, re-imaged a kids-wear shop and fine touched an ordinary bakery shop and etc. Examples: Turned a miniscule shop into a Tech Hub With a heart bigger than his shop size, Jason is a rare gem in Marine Crescent. He runs the neighborhood mobile shop quite unlike the ones we see enroute home from the MRT station. As the saying goes, attitude makes a man, and Jason’s made him the ‘superhero’ in this area made up mainly of our pioneer generation. While watching this miniscule shop transforming into a tech hub, we witness the process not only full of headaches and troubles, but also precious moments that tug the heartstrings, especially the love and care flow from the young generation to the senior pioneer generation. Up lift the old neighborhood kids-Wear Store The Hongs are simple couple. They live simply and love kids. They run a kids- wear shop in Aljunied area, hoping that it would be as lucrative as the industry portrayed it to be – parent’s money, easy to earn. But the sight of piled up stocks and their declining motivation tells us otherwise. This is not just a shop in need of renovation, but packaging as well. We all know that old habits die hard… Is the change possible? Can the makeover help?
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Participating Company (Full name):Mediacorp 新加坡传媒集团 Country/Territory:Singapore
Programme Title:Little Shops 小店铺 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 23 )Min( )Sec ×( 13 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2015-04-09
Broadcaster:新加坡传媒集团 Name:
Director:Melody Huang Scriptwriter:Tay Lay Tin
Cameraman:Tay Lay Tin
Previous Awards : Producer:Elaine See/Tay Lay Tin