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Program Name:Happiness Will You Wait For Me 幸福请你等等我

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"Happiness will you wait for me Wang Caihong, the owner of a barber shop, lived a thrifty and budget strict life. She was supposed to live her smooth and steady life like the way she designed, however, the sudden disappearance of her husband put her into chaos. The white collar Niu Yiyi, who was very fashionable and capable, married Wang Caihong’s brother Wang Zhaohui, yet the marriage didn’t last long. After their divorces, Wang Caihong and Niu Yiyi continued to live next doors to each other. So it was hard for them not to talk to each other. The two very different women started to help each other out in life because of their own worries and troubles. Their experiences made them realize the importance of love and marriage, so both of them decided to find true loves once again. God bless the people who treat life with sincerity. After going through all the difficulties, Wang Caihong finally got rewarded in return with a true life and a true love. Niu Yiyi also realized her shortcomings, therefore she got freshen up and packed up to find her own happiness. "幸福请你等等我 理发店老板王彩虹,生活节俭、精打细算。原本生活按照她设计的轨道平稳前行,丈夫的突然失踪使彩虹陷入无限的恐慌和疑惑之中。公司白领牛一一,时尚干练,嫁给王彩虹的弟弟王朝晖,后与丈夫离异。 各自离婚后,王彩虹和牛一一继续住对门,想不打交道都难。两个性格迥异的女人因为各自的烦恼与麻烦,不由自主地开始了相互支持扶助的生活,共同面对人生难关。经历的过往让她们发现了爱情和婚姻的重要,二人决定重整旗鼓再出发,为幸福的人生寻找美好的爱情与婚姻。 真诚对待生活的人,必受眷顾。多重磨砺之后,王彩虹终于得到了生活的回报——实在的生活和真诚的爱情。牛一一也发现了自身的缺陷所在,以全新的面目和身心,收拾行装,重新踏上幸福之路。 "
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Participating Company (Full name):Dongyang KingRain Media Co., Ltd. 东阳青雨传媒股份有限公司 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:Happiness Will You Wait For Me 幸福请你等等我 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 45 )Min( )Sec ×( 36 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2014-08-21
Broadcaster:贵州卫视、深圳卫视、河南卫视、湖北卫视 Name:
Director:Chun Yu 余淳 Scriptwriter:Yan Zhu 朱艳
Cameraman:Qi Gao 高琦
Previous Awards : Producer:Wei Zhang 张玮