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Program Name:Im Hero我是英雄

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After the 918 incident in 1931, the Japanese ruined the kanto earth... Orion Zhao YingXiong dreamed that his wife is a heroine, the lady takes command with the dream daughter-in-law like two peas in a pod of cross pein Alexander miss flower appeared in front of him the next day, Zhao YingXiong decided that this is fate, and a flower to avoid his entwine, said he only marry a hero. A word not Zhao YingXiong, began trying to dream of becoming a hero. The flower was finally Zhao YingXiong impress, but in order to fulfill their own rescuer in the chicken, in order to joint Zhao YingXiong and Bai Rongfu common anti-japanese, married Bai Rongfu injustice. Bai Rongfu to get rid of Zhao YingXiong the rival in love, and ultimately on the path of the traitors. A flower for rescue Zhao YingXiong, died in Bai Rongfu with guns. Under the leadership of the CPC member of host, volunteer group formed cross pein Zhao YingXiong mountain, again and again to defeat the Japanese, in order to eventually blow up gas plant, the Japanese with their life wrote a QuYingXiong, carry out their commitment to the flower - I am a hero, a hero is us! 1931年九一八事变后,日军的铁蹄践踏着关东大地…… 猎户赵英雄梦到自己的媳妇是女英雄穆桂英,而与梦中的媳妇长得一模一样的横头山大小姐一枝花第二天出现在他面前,赵英雄认定这是宿命,而一枝花为躲避他的纠缠,称自己只嫁英雄。一字不识的赵英雄信以为真,开始了想方设法要当英雄的梦想。 一枝花终于被赵英雄打动,却为了成全自己的救命恩人张赛凤,为了能联合赵英雄和白荣福共同抗日,委屈嫁给了白荣福。白荣福为了除掉赵英雄这个情敌,最终走上了汉奸的道路。 一枝花最终为营救赵英雄,死在白荣福枪下。 在中共党员李志刚的领导下,赵英雄组建了横头山义勇团,一次次地打败日军,最终为了炸毁日军的毒气弹工厂,用他们的生命谱写了一曲英雄的赞歌,完成了自己对一枝花的承诺——我是英雄,英雄是我们!
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Participating Company (Full name):Beijing Kery Media Culture Co.Ltd北京柯瑞环宇传媒文化有限公司 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:Im Hero我是英雄 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 45 )Min( )Sec ×( 38 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2015-10-27
Broadcaster:湖南经视 Name:冯雪
Director:Xie Tong谢铜 Scriptwriter:Huang Baicheng黄百城
Cameraman:Chen Weili陈伟立
Previous Awards : Producer:Yan Dake阎大可