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Program Name: In The Silence《于无声处》

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In The Silence This drama talks about the story of a former homeland security agent, Ma Dong, who protected the nation’s secret files after his retirement for 30 years. In 1984, Ma Dong, as a young and brilliant national security agent, successfully investigated and discovered the spy group in Factory 202, which built a nuclear submarine. However, after retirement for 30 years, when his wife was in charge of the design of aircraft carriers, he noticed another spy-related case happening around his family and tried to protect the nation once again. 《于无声处》作品简介 该剧讲述了国家安全侦察员马东历经三十年保护国家安全的故事。1984年,马东作为一名年轻优秀的国安侦察员,受命进入研制核潜艇的202厂内线侦察,以一名普通保卫干事的角色与国安部门内外配合,揪出深藏的间谍组织。三十年后,马东的妻子负责原202厂主持的航空母舰的研发设计,此时,马东意识到他的家庭已被卷入与三十年前那桩案件相关的间谍阴谋中。凭着对国家和家庭的爱,他必须胜利完成任务,保护“小家”和“大家”。
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Participating Company (Full name):JIANGSU SKYLONG CULTURE AND MEDIA CO.,LTD江苏中天龙文化传媒有限公司 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title: In The Silence《于无声处》 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 45 )Min( )Sec ×( 34 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2015-04-28
Broadcaster:中央电视台一套 CCTV1 Name:赵焱
Director:Yan Jiangang 阎建钢 Scriptwriter:Gao Mantang 高满堂
Cameraman:Qian Tao 钱滔
Previous Awards : 2015年12月28日 第30届电视剧“飞天奖”优秀电视剧奖 2016年6月10日 第22届上海电视节“白玉兰”奖 赵立新(最佳男配角奖) 第22届上海电视节“白玉兰”奖 最佳电视剧奖(提名) 第22届上海电视节“白玉兰”奖 最佳导演奖(提名) 2016年7月25日 江苏电视剧奖长篇电视剧一等奖 Producer:Long Xiaohui 隆晓辉
A Chinese mainland actress who gets well-known for acting Juan Zi in the TV series Chinese Style Div
A Chinese mainland film, television and drama actor and director who graduated from Russian State Un
Chinese mainland singer, model and actress. Standing out among Sogou Girls, Cheng Yi overcame all th
As a well-known director from mainland China, the Vice President and Secretary General of the China
Gao Mantang is a famous screenwriter from mainland China, now he is a national level A screenwriter
Xu Ziwei (Vin) is a Chinese popular musician, music producer and singer who graduated from People's