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Program Name:Grow Up长大

  • Introduction
In Ren Hua Hospital, the biggest “Top Three” hospital in Jiangcheng City, interns have suffered "inhuman" tests and training given by the mentors with Zhou Ming as the core. The “lowliest place elimination system” is always hovering in their minds, and the ubiquitous fierce competition time to time challenge their physical, mental and willpower, but also their friendship, love, and dedication to the career of a doctor. The talented intern Ye Chunmeng works very hard and is eager to outdo others, even the devil mentor Zhou Ming thinks highly of her invardly. But Ye has long been plagued by her self-abasement as she is from a poor family in a small town. As a result, she is sensitive when facing the superior family property of Chen Xi and Bai Xiaojing; she struggles against the temp that she could get rid of a decade of struggle; she hesitates over the relationship between mentor Zhou Ming and her. But eventually, moved by Zhou Ming, and in treating patients, she again find herself and also realize the true meaning of happiness.
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Participating Company (Full name):SMG Pictures SMG尚世影业 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:Grow Up长大 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 40 )Min( )Sec ×( 38 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2015-01-29
Broadcaster:中国 东方、天津卫视 Name:杨海菁
Director:Lin Yan林妍 Scriptwriter:Zhang Wei张巍
Cameraman:Gao Kun高琨
Previous Awards : Producer:Xu XiaoOu徐晓鸥