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Program Name:All Quiet in Peking北平无战事

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With the total collapse of the economy in 1948, the decisive battle between KMT and CPP has arriving. The Air Force Colonel (Liu Ye acts) Fang Mengao, a member of the underground Communists lurking in the Kuomintang, was appointed by Jiang Jingguo to investigate a corruption case of the Polls Committee and the Central Bank Beiping Branch whose president was Mengao's father Fang Buting. Jiang Jingguo's "Peacock Flying Southeast" action was aim to deprive gold and silver from the people, so he commanded He Qicang and Fang Buting to carry out the monetary reform policy. Around this great struggle on the economic front, a thrilling contest happened in forces of all parties, including the Communist Party, the progressive Youth Federation of Peiping as well as the representative of KMT's latent Liang Jingguan. Jiang Jingguo asked Fang Mengao to perform "Peacock Flying Southeast", which is a plan of transferring the stolen gold and silver currency to Taiwan. At the crucial moment, in order to gain the peaceful liberation of Beiping and the whole country, Fang Mengao accepted the instruction from the CPC Central Committee, on which made the agreement of General Fu Zuoyi's requirement that Mengao transferred gold and silver exchange stored in national treasury. 《北平无战事》故事梗概 1948年,国共两党已届决战,国统区经济全面崩溃。潜伏于国民党并任空军上校的中共地下党员方孟敖(刘烨饰),受命于蒋经国彻查北平民调会和中央银行北平分行贪腐案,北平分行行长正是其父方步亭。蒋经国的“孔雀东南飞”行动命何其沧与方步亭推行币制改革,目的是从人民手中掠夺黄金白银外汇。围绕这一重大经济战线的斗争,中共地下党及北平学联的进步青年和潜伏在中共的国民党要员梁经纶以及各方的贪腐势力展开了惊心动魄的较量。蒋经国密令方孟敖执行“孔雀东南飞”行动,负责将掠夺来的黄金白银外汇运往台湾,千钧一发的时刻,中共中央为了和平解放北平,进一步和平解放全中国的更多城市,答应傅作义将军和谈要求,让方孟敖执行新的命令,让方孟敖及其飞行大队运走了国民党在北平金库的黄金白银外汇。
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Participating Company (Full name):SMG尚世影业 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:All Quiet in Peking北平无战事 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 45 )Min( )Sec ×( 53 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2014-10-06
Broadcaster:中国 北京、天津、河南卫视 Name:杨海菁
Director:Kong Sheng孔笙、Li Xue李雪 Scriptwriter:Liu HePing刘和平
Cameraman:Sun MoLong孙墨龙
Previous Awards :2015年6月12日,获得第21届上海电视节“白玉兰奖”最佳电视剧、最佳编剧。 2015年8月9日,获得第17届华鼎奖中国电视剧满意度调查全国观众最喜爱的电视剧。 2014年获得安徽卫视国剧盛典最佳电视剧、最佳导演、最佳编剧奖。 2014年12月,获第5届澳门国际电视节最佳电视剧、最佳男主角奖。 2015年12月,获得第30届中国电视剧飞天奖重大题材优秀电视剧奖、优秀导演奖、优秀编剧奖、优秀男演员奖。 Producer:Liu HePing刘和平