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Program Name:《The only way is Sanlitun》(《三里屯的朋友圈》)

  • Introduction
《The Only Way is Sanlitun》 is China's first Live theater。More than ten ordinary young people acquainted with each other who were chasing their dreams in Sanlitun of Beijing, appeared in the show with real name and real life, no script and lines was involved in the whole show. It is the perspective of equality, human feelings and intense colors pioneer, launched a grand experiment youth to accelerate growth. During the broadcast the controversial topic and constantly intertwined, 《The Only Way is Sanlitun》 to recruit a large number of unconventional cutting-edge network Mesozoic audience! It blends creative documentaries, dramas and reality shows qualities,and boldly use "no script no lines no star" shooting techniques, known as the history of the domestic TV unprecedented creative. After the play aired, the mainstream media have published reviews participate Comment。It aired in the UK Independent Television (ITV) in March 2016, Won the british viewers audience praised. 《三里屯的朋友圈》是中国首档真人剧。十多位彼此相识且同在北京三里屯追逐梦想的普通年轻人,全实名本色参演、全真实生活出镜、零剧本台词介入。其以平等视角、人文情怀和强烈的先锋色彩,展开了一场盛大的青年加速成长实验。 在争议与话题不断交织的播出期间,《三里屯的朋友圈》以不落俗套的新锐网罗了一大批网生代观众!它创造性地糅合纪录片、电视剧和真人秀的特质,大胆启用“无剧本无台词无明星”的拍摄手法,被誉为国内电视史上前所未有的创新之作。 该剧播出之后,主流媒体纷纷刊发评论参与评点,并于2016年3月登陆英国独立电视台(ITV),获得英国观众追捧。
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Participating Company (Full name):芒果影视文化有限公司 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:《The only way is Sanlitun》(《三里屯的朋友圈》) Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 45 )Min( 0 )Sec ×( 18 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2015-10-27
Broadcaster:Hunan TV Station of China(中国湖南卫视) Name:阳光
Director: Cheng Zhichao (成志超) Scriptwriter:ZhangHong/LiuJie/ BiYong(张弘/刘杰/毕勇)
Previous Awards : Producer: HeJin/Li Hongli/Zhang Hong (何瑾/李泓荔/张弘)
Zhou Jieying, 80 cutting-edge interior word Zuoren, as many Chinese music artists songs