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Program Name:《OB•GynsⅡ》(《爱的妇产科Ⅱ》)

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OB•GynsⅡ is by famous director Yang Yang, Zhu Dan strength of the actor, Yang Youning, Sun Jian, Wei Qianxiang and other medical topics urban drama. The play maternity topic, doctor-patient relationship as a background, tells a series of stories about family, friendship and love. Purple leaves obstetricians (Zhu Dan ornaments) because of forced termination of pregnancy hysterectomy and despair, after regain self along with the crowd and encourage the patient, the seemingly simple maternity ward also eventually become refracted from the living stage of life. The play took a unitized storytelling manner, a use differnt vivid medical cases to transfer the scientific knowledge of pregnant and gender, was hailed by medias as a health "open class" which resounded with humanistic care and career responsibility, but entertaining.It is the first portion of filming the drama in the second quarter. 《爱的妇产科Ⅱ》是由知名导演杨阳、实力演员朱丹、杨祐宁、孙坚、魏千翔等主演的一部都市医疗话题剧。 该剧以孕产话题、医患关系为背景,讲述了一系列关于亲情、友情及爱情的故事。妇产科医生叶紫(朱丹饰)因被迫切除子宫终止妊娠而陷入绝望,后在众人鼓励及与病人的相处中重新找回自我,看似简单的妇产科病房也最终成为折射人间冷暖的人生舞台。 该剧采取了单元化的故事讲述方式,用各种鲜活的医疗案例向观众传递科学的妇孕两性知识,被媒体赞誉为充满人文关怀、责任担当而又不失娱乐性的健康“公开课”。其在剧类节目单元化上作出了成功而有益的尝试,是国内首部拍摄第二季的医疗剧。
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Participating Company (Full name):芒果影视文化有限公司 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:《OB•GynsⅡ》(《爱的妇产科Ⅱ》) Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 45 )Min( 0 )Sec ×( 24 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2015-05-24
Broadcaster:Hunan TV Station of China(中国湖南卫视) Name:阳光
Director:YangYang(杨阳) Scriptwriter:CaoYu/SunHaohao/Zhu Limei/LiHao(曹雨/孙浩浩/朱丽美/李昊)
Cameraman:WangChengpeng/Ma Youtai(王承朋/麻又台
Previous Awards : Tenth China won the first TV drama part drama prize appraised activities(2016年8月获得第十届中国影视短剧栏目剧评优活动一等奖) Producer: HeJin(何瑾)