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Program Name: The Night of Museum博物馆之夜

  • Introduction
“The Night of Museum” is a 45 minutes documentary with 52 episodes broadcasted by China Education Television. The program focus on popular science, and selects the museum scene to record. The most outstanding feature is the host find clue of each episode. The documentary takes full advantage of representative museum resources all the country that display and explain the cultural relics. The purpose of the program is “find historical truth ”, which reveal the history secret in five thousand years of China and unlock the antiques mystery. At the same time, the documentaries introduce the treasure and historical origin of the museum to audience with a background story. “The Night of Museum” has won rave reviews and strong reaction and attracted many history fans. There are lots of museums send invitations to the program and they are willing to promote cooperation. In the future, the program will cooperate with museums and get much more influence.
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Participating Company (Full name): China Education Television中国教育电视台 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title: The Night of Museum博物馆之夜 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 45 )Min( 00 )Sec ×( 52 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2015-03-02
Broadcaster:中国教育电视台 China Education Television Name:白璐
Director: Jiali Cai蔡佳利 Scriptwriter:Zhao Wang王昭
Cameraman:Jian Sun 孙建
Previous Awards :《纪录中国》一等栏目奖 2016“科蕾”奖提名奖 Producer:Yan Gui桂岩