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Program Name:The Greatest Love旋风孝子

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The Greatest Love Program Overview: The Greatest Love is a large reality show about filial piety, which is produced by Hunan Satellite TV, Beijing Hualu Baina Film & Tv Inc. and Gangdong Blueflame Culture Media CO., LTD. Also, it is the first reality show which Hunan Satellite TV produced on an open platform with the participation of market forces. The first season of the program includes 13 episodes, which was broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV from January 23rd 2016 to April 16th, at 10:00 every Saturday night. The Greatest Love emphasizes on filial piety, which is based on the experience that 6 superstars live with their parents in their hometowns for 6 days and 5 nights. In a warm, bright atmosphere, the traditional Chinese culture and values in current society are discussed. Core Idea: Guests of the first season: Huang Xiaoming, Joe Chen, Du Chun, Zheng Shuang, Gary Cao, Bao Beier. In the program, 6 superstars live with their parents in their hometowns for 6 days and 5 nights, and fulfill their parents’ wishes. The program stands out for its sincerity. It is not only fun in most parts, but also very touching. Most of the shooting was finished by Covert CCD Camera. Before the shooting, the production team did a large amount of preparation, such as paying visits to the houses where the stars used to live, carefully selecting from the objects that the stars’ parents had kept for them and getting to know the background stories of them, etc. Most scenes were filmed in the former houses of the stars’ families, where every detail was deliberately designed. 《旋风孝子》 节目概况: 《旋风孝子》是由湖南卫视、华录百纳、蓝色火焰联合推出的大型孝道类真人秀节目,也是湖南卫视开放平台后与社会公司联合制作的首档综艺节目。 该节目自2016年1月23日起每周六22:00播出,首季共13期,于2016年4月16日收官。 《旋风孝子》以“见孝见笑”为主旨,以六对明星及父母的共同生活为创作基础,在温馨、活泼的氛围中探讨转型期的传统文化与价值观。 核心理念: 首季节目明星嘉宾:黄晓明、陈乔恩、杜淳、郑爽、曹格、包贝尔。 节目中明星嘉宾与父母中其中一人返回家乡相处6天5夜,并完成父母的心愿。该节目由90%趣味性与10%感动组成,以真实取胜。 节目拍摄以隐藏式摄像机为主,拍摄之前,节目组做了大量案头工作:走访明星年少时曾住过的每一处房子,细细筛选父母为他留下的所有东西,了解明星成长背后的故事等等。拍摄时多选择明星年少时居住的家进行。拍摄过程中,房屋的每一处装饰均有精心设计。
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Participating Company (Full name):Beijing Hualu Baina Film & TV Inc.北京华录百纳影视股份有限公司 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:The Greatest Love旋风孝子 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 90 )Min( 0 )Sec ×( 12 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2016-01-23
Broadcaster:湖南卫视 Name:吴琼
Director:Jin RongXi金荣希 LiJunGui李埈圭 Yan DInYa严典雅DongJian 董舸 Li BingHe李秉赫 Jin NanHao金南昊 Cao JiaYi曹怡佳 Chen ZhiXiong 陈智雄 Zuo Yan左琰 Wu Yu Rui 吴翀锐 Scriptwriter:YU XuanDian余弦典 Jin ShuYing金株英 Yu HanEr余韩儿 Liang ZhiRen梁知仁Xian BoLa咸波拉Chen Chuan 陈川 Yuan LuSha 袁露莎 Yang LI杨理 Zhu Wei朱伟 Su YiPing 苏依萍 Xiong HaiYan熊海燕 Hu BO 胡波XieJiao谢娇 Xie ChongMing谢崇明 Li XinZhi李信志 Lin YaQIan林雅倩 Peng JiaMeng彭佳梦
Cameraman:Jin QiTai金起台 JinRongZhen金荣镇 LongJianPing龙建平 Chen ZuXia 陈祖霞
Previous Awards : Producer:Hong Tao洪涛 Wang Yi王奕