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Program Name:青春朋友圈

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As the first TV series in China focusing on campus life, The Circle of Young Friends is about school life, dreams, anecdotes, friendship and love stories of boys and girls in the campus. Spectators may go over their own youth and days in the campus through the play which presents the love stories of three couples. In the play, we can find characters of various personalities. For instance, there are Bai Du (played by Wang Yuwei), a gentleman; Niu Dun (played by Deng Fei), a straight-A student; Luo Weiyi (played by Zhu Junwei), the campus belle; Ai Duoduo (played by Huang Zhaohan), a cute girl; Ma Yun (played by Zhou Cheng’ao), a student having poor academic performance; and Meng Xiang (played by Tao Ran), a manly girl. The TV series is a vivid presentation of studies, dreams and daily lives of contemporary college students as well as the change of their thoughts and emotion. In the play, most scenarios are set at the dormitory, library, coffee house and classroom. 《青春朋友圈》全国首档校园话题剧,讲述大学校园的故事。话题涵盖了学业生活、青春梦想、趣闻囧事、友情爱情。通过三男三女的CP组合,用青春话题还原温馨的大学校园生活。是以当代最典型的“暖男”白度(王宇威饰)、“学霸”牛顿(邓飞饰)、“女神”罗唯依(朱俊玮饰)、“萌妹子”艾多多(黄兆函饰)、“学渣”马运(周澄奥饰)、“女汉子”梦响(陶然饰)等角色为代表并加以演绎的。以宿舍、图书馆、咖啡厅、教室等场地为背景,男女生之间的学业、梦想、生活为内容主线,生动地记录展示了当代大学生思想感情的一系列变化。
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Participating Company (Full name):China Education Television中国教育电视台 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:青春朋友圈 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 30 )Min( 0 )Sec ×( 100 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2016-04-19
Broadcaster:北京,中国教育电视台 Name:贾国巍
Director:Wu Ju吴军 Scriptwriter:Zhao Xin Zhang Liu赵欣 张柳
Cameraman:Guo QingRui郭庆锐
Previous Awards : 2016年,第十届影视短剧栏目剧单本剧三等奖 Producer:Huo An霍安春