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Program Name:A Wall-less Word V:An Angel"s Poem沒有牆的世界V:天使的詩篇

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“A Wall-less World V” This series is centred on the diversified lives of the disabled and the theme ofrespecting differences.With children being at the focus of this particular season,we hope to depict the experiences of handicapped youngsters in a poignant manner through docudramas, so as to enable everyone to understand and respect their needs. Episode 7: An Angel’s Poem This episode is based on the real life story of Joson and Joe, a couple who needs to give round-the-clock care to their daughter diagnosed with Angelman syndrome. After being fired from his company, Joson faces his problems alone without telling his wife. Meanwhile, Joe feels guilty about her daughter’s hereditary condition and fears discrimination. The couple argue over a trivial matter, and in the heat of the moment, the wife takes their child and runs away. Joson finds them by the seaside where he proposed to Joe.He opens up about losing his job, while she reveals that she is pregnant again. The two smile and resolve to face the uncertainty of the future together. Angelmansyndrome, named after British paediatrician, Harry Angelman, is a rare congenital disorderaffecting approximately 1 in 15,000 live births. At present, there are roughly 50 cases in Hong Kong. A gene mutation of the maternal chromosome 15 causes varying degrees of physical and cognitive disordersin patients, including severe intellectual disabilities and developmental delays. The people of Hong Kong have next to no knowledge of this condition due to its uncommonness. Prior to the confirmation of their daughter’s diagnosis, Joson and Joe searched all over for the causes of the illness. Having spent their hard-earned savings and travelling to the US and Canada, they finally learned that she was suffering from Angelman syndrome. After her condition was confirmed, they discovered that the support provided by the government was very limited. Consequently, they connected with families with children suffering from the same illness and established Hong Kong Angelman Syndrome Foundation to promote public awareness. The couple and their daughter also performed in front of the camera themselves in hopes of helping more people understand this rare disorder as well as the needs of the patients’ families. 《沒有牆的世界 V》 《沒有牆的世界 V》系列一直以殘疾人士的生活多元及尊重差異為題,這一輯關注點是:兒童。我們希望以實況戲劇的形式,能具感染力地演繹殘疾兒童的經歷,讓大家更了解和尊重他們的需要。 第七集「天使的詩篇」 故事改篇自Joson和太太Jo的真實故事。女兒確診天使綜合症,Joson和Jo日夜奔波照顧。一日,Joson被公司解僱卻沒有告之太太,獨自面對。那邊,太太因女兒的遺傳病內疚,又害怕別人的歧視目光。二人因小事大吵,情緒爆發,太太抱著女兒出走。Joson在當年求婚的海邊尋回二人,他坦白失業,她亦坦白再懷孕,二人一笑,決心一起面對未知的將來。 天使綜合症(Angelman Syndrome,因英國醫生Harry Angelman而命名)屬於罕有遺傳病,發病率為1萬5千分之一,全港約有50宗案例。患者因為母系第15號染色體基因異變,引致不同程度的身體與認知障礙,包括嚴重智障和發育遲緩。由於此綜合症極為罕有,香港人的認識確實少之又少,在女兒未確診前,Joson和太太Jo四出找尋病因,耗盡多年積蓄,先後到過美國和加拿大,才認識到她所患的是天使綜合症。確診後,又發現政府提供的支援也實在有限,故此他們團結了天使綜合症病童的家庭,組織了香港天使綜合症基金會(Hong Kong Angelman Syndrome Foundation)努力去推廣,兩夫婦更親身和女兒去演出,希望更多人了解到這個罕有病和家人的需要。
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Participating Company (Full name):Radio Television Hong Kong香港電台 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:A Wall-less Word V:An Angel"s Poem沒有牆的世界V:天使的詩篇 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 21 )Min( 50 )Sec ×( 7 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2015-11-08
Broadcaster:香港,無綫電視 Name:馮家鍵
Director:Feng JiaLiang馮家良 Scriptwriter:Chen DongQing陳冬青
Previous Awards :芝加哥國際電視電影節(銀獎) Producer:Feng JiaJian馮家鍵