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Program Name:The Coonfucius Village 孔子的村庄

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The Introduction of “The Confucius Village” Qingping Kong is of the 73rd generation descendant of Confucius. Originally, he did business in other places, but the authorities invited him back to the village to serve as a Party branch secretary and lead villagers to get rich together. It was his dream to build a beautiful village for residents, students and tourists, as well as a good place with educated people. He hoped to improve economy through promotional activities of the traditional Chinese culture. After his initial ideas were disapproved by his leader who advised him on “etiquette upon heaped barns,” his ambition was soon thwarted by troubles one after another. Qingping decided to introduce companies which shared similar business visions with him, of investing and developing the village. However, he encountered a “heckler” during land requisition. After trying every means of solution and getting this issue settled, he was informed that the land was categorized as basic farm land and thus was not allowed to use for commercial purposes. In the village, Qingping promoted implementing traditional culture in early childhood compulsory education. It attracted attention nationwide and many children came to Xikun to study. After studying for a while, these children faced a new challenge of having no higher grade school to enroll. This became a bottleneck for the development of “Early Childhood Moral Education.” Despite dreaming of going out for adventures, Qingxi Kong eventually decided to stay in the village. With his unachieved dream, he expected his son leave the mountain and strive for a better life outside the village. Unexpectedly, his son suffered serious illness and returned back to the village. 170 thousand yuan of 20-day hospital expenses pushed his family into difficulty. Facing such challenge, how would Qingping overcome it? The 95-year-old Xianzheng Kong couple had four generations of descendants, but their children were busy earning a living and had no time to take care of them. This aged couple had to take care of their own daily life and work. Like Xianzheng, there were many "empty nest seniors” in the village. What would Qingping provide for the aged? The Shenhai Highway Pipeline was under development. It would run through the village and provide an opportunity for the rapid development of the Xikun village. An old lawsuit triggered a conflict within the Kong clan. As the Party Branch Secretary of the village as well as a clan leader, how would Qingpin Kong solve this conflict? The government allocated funds for the construction of a water conservancy project, which aimed to help ordinary people improve agricultural production. Through layers of subcontractors, the new ditch ended up with severe quality problems that affected the livelihood of peasants. These peasants vented their discontent to Qingping ... Ideal is a beautiful but reality is cruel. Various problems and conflicts intertwined together and flooded towards Qingping ... This documentary is a memory of a group of lost Confucius dependents in the mountains of eastern China, seeking for a spiritual home through struggles and sufferings, as well as a portrait of agricultural and emotional struggles that a backward countryside faced under China’s drastic change. 《孔子的村庄》内容梗概 孔庆平是孔子的第73世孙,原先在外地做生意,上级领导邀请他回村担任党支部书记,带领老百姓一起致富。建设一个宜居、宜学、宜游、人人知书达礼的美丽村庄是孔庆平蕴藏心中的梦想,他希望以弘扬传统文化来带动村经济发展,但他的想法首先就没能得到领导的认同,“仓禀实而知礼节”是领导对他的忠告。踌躇满志的孔庆平很快就被村里接踵而来的事情搞得压力山大: 孔庆平决定引进和自己发展理念相近的企业到村里开发建设,征地过程中遇到了“钉子户”,他使出浑身解数将问题搞定后,却被告知那块地是基本农田,不得作为商业用途; 孔庆平在村里推行幼儿传统国学义务教育,吸引了全国各地的孩子踊跃前来学习,经过“童蒙养正”后的孩子们却面临着“瓶颈”:国学班毕业后将何去何从; 年轻时曾想出去闯荡的孔庆溪最终还是蜗居在山村,他寄希望儿子外出打拼能够混出个模样,不料没过几年儿子却身患重病黯然回到了村里,医院20天17万元的巨额医疗费让他一家陷入困境,面对村民的窘况,孔庆平该如何解决; 95岁的孔宪政夫妇虽然已子孙四代,不过为生计而奔忙的子女们无暇过多照顾他们,耄耋老人还得自行打理日常的生活和劳作,村里“空巢老人”不在少数,孔庆平要怎么应对; 规划中的沈海高速公路复线将要贯穿村子,这为西昆村的快速发展提供了一个契机,却意外地让孔氏家族百年前的一桩官司浮出水面,引发了族人之间的冲突,既是村支部书记又是族长的孔庆平将如何处理; 政府拨专款修建水利工程,希望帮助老百姓搞好农田生产,但经过层层转包的水渠存在着严重的质量问题,影响到农民的生计,他们将不满的情绪向孔庆平发泄…… 理想很丰满,现实很骨感,各种问题和矛盾一时间搅和在一起朝孔庆平扑面而来…… 这是一份关于一支遗落在中国东部山区的孔子后裔寻找精神家园和苦难抗争的影像记忆,也是一部展现在急剧变革的中国后乡土社会进程中传统农业生存状态和情感矛盾的纪录片。
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Participating Company (Full name):Huang JIandong Director Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:The Coonfucius Village 孔子的村庄 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 115 )Min( )Sec ×( 1 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2016-06-11
Broadcaster:福州电视台 Name:黄建东
Director:Huang Jiandong黄建东 Scriptwriter:Huang Jiandong黄建东
Cameraman:Huang Jiandong黄建东
Previous Awards : Producer:Long Xiao龙啸