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Program Name:Hey Daddy嘿,老头!

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Hey! Daddy The son is a prodigal who has been away from home for years. And the father is a lonely old man who suffers from senile dementia. Life separates them apart but fate brings them back to each other. From indifference and antagonism to trust and closeness, they gradually retrieve the lost love and strength. Hand in hand, the father and the son face the joys and sorrows of life. They never give up on each other. After his crestfallen return, Haipi is faced with his father who no longer recognizes him. He thinks it would be the start of a war between them. But he is wrong. It is not the start of a war. It is their fate which leads them to their transformation. From the perspective of grassroots, Haipi deals with those unexpected difficulties by making fun of that or cursing it angrily. Embarking his journey with his father, Haipi learns how to be a real man. This is not an end. When the beacon lights up, this is just the beginning.
一个离家多年、玩世不恭的儿子,一个孤独无依、患上老年痴呆的父亲,生活让他们分开,命运又把他们紧紧捆绑在一起。从最初的敌视,默然到逐渐地心灵接近,逐渐地找到他们曾经共同拥有的爱和力量,这对活宝般的父子携手面对着属于他们的风风雨雨、悲欢离合与人生百态,他们不离不弃。 儿子海皮落魄地回到家乡,突然面对着不再认识他的父亲,他以为这会是一场父子之间战争,后来他发现自己错了,这不是战争,而是我们终将面对的宿命和成长。 海皮用一个小人物的嬉笑怒骂面对着猝不及防的艰辛,带着父亲上路,送父亲一程,开始学会做一个真正的男人。 这不是终点,灯塔点亮的时候,一切才刚刚开始。
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Participating Company (Full name):Beijing Hualu Baina Film &TV Inc北京华录百纳影视股份有限公司 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:Hey Daddy嘿,老头! Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 45 )Min( 00 )Sec ×( 37 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2015-03-26
Broadcaster:北京卫视、上海东方卫视 Name:吴琼
Director:Yang YaZhou杨亚洲 Scriptwriter:Liu DongYue刘东岳 Yu Lu俞露
Cameraman:Wang Dog王冻 Li Huang李欢
Previous Awards : 2015年12月,荣获中国广播影视大奖•第30届(2013-2015年度)电视剧“飞天奖”优秀电视剧奖; 2016年3月,荣获中国电视剧品质盛典电视剧品质奖; 2016年4月,荣获第19届华鼎奖电视剧百强奖(前十名)。 Producer:Liu DeHong刘德宏 HuangLei黄磊 Zhang WeiWei张为为
宋佳,中国女演员, 1980年11月13日出生,毕业于上海戏剧学院表演系。2006年出演电影《好奇害死猫》开始崭露头角,并因此获第26届中国电影金鸡奖最佳女配角提名;2012年,出演都市励志剧《那样芬