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Program Name:《克拉恋人》(上部)《克拉之恋》(下部)

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Mi Duo falls in love with Xiao Liang, a CEO of a company that runs diamond business, but she can’t pursue love in a further step because of their social status gap. However, a car accident totally changed her life. Mi Duo became pretty and slender after having a cosmetic operation. She accepted an offer from Xiao’s company as an assistant designer. However, her artificial appearance didn’t bring her the love she wanted. Mi Duo realized that the beautiful appearance could not bring her love after she experienced the disappointed love and unemployment. She got through all frustration in her job and attracted Xiao Liang with her positive attitude in adversity. Lei Yiming, a friend of Mi Duo, always helps Mi Duo to fulfill her dream and falls in love with her. Then Mi Duo falls in a dilemma between Xiao Liao and Lei Yiming. 米朵爱上了钻石公司总裁萧亮,条件的悬殊使米朵望而却步,然而,一场车祸彻底改变了她的命运,车祸整容后的米朵变得苗条漂亮,应聘进入钻石公司,成为了一名设计师助理。经历了失恋失业的双重打击后,米朵意识到美貌并不是获得爱情的通行证,她不再被美丑所困扰,而成为一名合格的珠宝设计师。米朵在职场上经历了种种挫折却屡败屡战、不言放弃。她的乐观积极深深吸引了萧亮,最终收获了梦想与爱情。好友雷奕明始终以朋友的身份守护着米朵,在帮助米朵实现梦想的过程中也情不自禁的喜欢上她,米朵将何去何从?
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Participating Company (Full name):印纪影视娱乐传媒有限公司 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:《克拉恋人》(上部)《克拉之恋》(下部) Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 45 )Min( 30 )Sec ×( 68 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2016-07-22
Broadcaster:浙江卫视、安徽卫视 Name:秦颖
Director:Chen Mingzhang陈铭章(中国台湾)、Wu Qiang吴强 Scriptwriter:Li Jie李捷
Cameraman:Lin Junbin林俊斌、Sun Xuance孙玄策、Xu Zhiwei许智伟、Bu Burong卜步荣
Previous Awards : Producer:Chen Bin陈彬、Zhang Wenjun张闻君