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TV Entertainment Programme

Program Name:The Reader 朗读者

  • Introduction
Reading is never ineffective in conveying emotions, spreading culture and uplifting spirit. With such a starting point, The Reader utilizes the multiform televised-methods to support those famous persons from fields of culture, technology, education, sports and economics or those common people with rich life stories to become earnest readers, of whom the voices, words and any kind of sincere expressions are shown via excellent literature works. In that way, the audience can feel the beauty of literature, emotions and voices in the round. By reading, the emotional universe of humans is open up so that the mellow feelings and energetic power are sent to touch hearts and enlighten minds. The reading works selected diversify from classical poetry, modern verse, episodes of famous books to any other significant text. As long as the reader has deep thoughts and feelings to express honestly and meanwhile the viewers have beautiful echoes on the reading, it is favorable to be shared. 无论在什么时候,朗读都是传递感情、传播文化、鼓舞精神的有效手段,节目将此作为出发点,以丰富的电视化手段为平台,将来自文化、科技、教育、体育、经济各领域的名人或有丰富人生故事的平凡人还原为一个诚恳的“朗读者”,让他们用声音、用文字、用最真诚的表达展示优秀的文学作品,让观众体验文学之美、情感之美、声音之美,用朗读这一手段,打开人间情感的大千世界,以此传递醇厚的情感、积极的正能量,给人心灵的感动、智慧的启迪。朗读作品可以是古典诗词、现代诗、名著片段,或是任何有意义的文字,只要是朗读者有着切身感受的想要真诚表达的并能唤起人们心中美好的情感共鸣的文学作品。
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Participating Company (Full name):CCTV中央电视台 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:The Reader 朗读者 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 78 )Min( 00 )Sec ×( 1 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2017-02-18
Broadcaster:CCTV1中央电视台综合频道 Name:
Director:Liu Xin 刘欣 Scriptwriter:
Previous Awards :2017年6月,获得23届上海电视节白玉兰最佳季播电视节目奖。 2017年12月,获得2017综艺峰会年度匠心作品。 Producer:Dong Qing 董卿
Hostess- DONG Qing