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TV Documentary

Program Name:Little Manaschy

  • Introduction
There are still storytellers living among Kyrgyz people. One of them is a little boy blessed with an amazing talent. Who knows, maybe he is the last representative of great epos tellers.
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Participating Company (Full name):Aitysh Film Studio Country/Territory:Kyrgyzstan
Programme Title:Little Manaschy Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 17 )Min( 20 )Sec ×( )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2017-02-20
Broadcaster:Aitysh Film Studio Name:
Director:Farida Seitalieva Scriptwriter:Farida Seitalieva
Cameraman:Zhandos Dzholdoshov
Previous Awards :not yet Producer:Akzhol Bekbolotov, Aisuluu Asanbekova
Director-Farida Seitalieva
Cinematography-Zhandos Dzholdoshov