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TV Animation

Program Name:J-Team 新成龙历险记

  • Introduction
申报项目《新成龙历险记》是全球首部以成龙先生授权形象制作的3D动画,针对受众为5-12岁儿童,计划制作四季及一部动画电影,每季52集,每集13分钟。目前第一季已完成制作,首播时间2017年8月14日。动画每集故事开头,成龙都将现身影片中,并且,在每集故事的片尾,都会有成龙与小朋友互动,分享成长过程中的小烦恼,结合动画内容,告诉小朋友一些生活的哲理和常识,让孩子们学会面对生活中的困惑和难题,学会独自面对并解决问题,勇敢快乐的成长。 All New Jackie Chan Adventure is the first and only 3D animation authorized by Mr.Jackie Chan using his figure. Our project’s main audiences targets 5-12 years old. We are planning on producing 4 seasons and one movie, 52 episodes for each season, 13min / episode. Now we have already finished the First season, and first played it at five Chinese cartoon TVs which are BTV Kaku Children Channel,, Jia Jia Cartoon, Youman Cartoon, Toonmax TV in August 14th, 2017. Mr. Jackie Chan will show up at the opening of each episode, and at every eps' ending, he will interact with the audiences, sharing little struggles during grown up, combining with the story of the episode, telling children some general knowledge and philosophies of life, let children learn how to face the troubles and challenges, and how to deal with them independently by their own hands, so that they could grow up with happiness and courage.
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Participating Company (Full name):VJ Animation Studio 上海俪薇杰影视文化有限公司 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:J-Team 新成龙历险记 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 13 )Min( )Sec ×( 52 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2017-08-14
Broadcaster:中国大陆P.R.China 卡酷少儿BTV Kaku Children Channel、金鹰卡通、嘉佳卡通Jia Jia Cartoon、优漫卡通Youman Cartoon、炫动卡通Toonmax TV Name:
Director:Qu Qiang, 曲强 Scriptwriter:Le Mi, 乐米
Cameraman:N/A, 无
Previous Awards : Producer:Jackie Chan, 成龙, Wu Hong Liang, 吴宏亮, Kevin Zhang, 张杰