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TV Drama

Program Name:Hero

  • Introduction
The concept of this star-studded blockbuster was resultantly developed in year-end 2016. To depict the story which is close to Singaporeans’ heart and ignites their nostalgia sentiment, timely chose “Dakota Crescent” as the premise, one of Singapore’s oldest public housing estates. Viewers will be caught to the surprise by the cameo appearance of over 40 actors and well-known drama personalities throughout the episodes. In , we are hoping to tell the story infused Singaporeans’ common memories into the story of light-hearted and full of laughs. We also wish to inspire our viewers by conveying the positive message that one may be just the ordinary people in the community, with joint efforts everyone can uphold the justice; defeat the difficulties in life and become the hero. Such message is indeed witnessed through our three characters, together known as “Da Ying Xiong” who always have a strong sense of justice, loyalty, compassion, and persist in the “never say die” spirit, even their lives are on the rocks. The story follows these three musketeers’ various adventures and misadventures with their neighbor residents in Dakota Crescent.
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Participating Company (Full name):Mediacorp TV Singapore Pte Ltd Country/Territory:Singapore
Programme Title:Hero Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 46 )Min( )Sec ×( 30 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2016-11-29
Broadcaster:Mediacorp, Channel 8 Name:
Director:Loo Yin Kam, Wong Foong Hwee, Soh Meow Huan Scriptwriter:Ang Eng Tee
Cameraman:Steve Wong
Previous Awards :Best Director: Wong Foong Hwee (Star Awards 2017 - Nominated) Best Screenplay: Ang Eng Tee (Star Awards 2017 - Nominated) Best Drama Serial (Star Awards 2017 - WON) Best Actor: Shuan Chen (Star Awards 2017 - Nominated) Best Actress: Jesseca Liu (Star Awards 2017 - Nominated) Best Supporting Actor: Andie Chen(Star Awards 2017 - Nominated) Best Supporting Actress: Paige Chua (Star Awards 2017 - Nominated) Best Supporting Actress: Pan Ling Ling (Star Awards 2017 - Nominated) Best Supporting Actress: Bonnie Loo (Star Awards 2017 - Nominated) Best Supporting Actress: Aileen Tan (Star Awards 2017 - WON) Producer:Jasmine Woo
Leading Actor- Chan Han Wei
Leading Actress-Jesseca Liu
Supporting Actor-Zhu Hou Ren
Supporting Actress- Aileen Tan