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TV Entertainment Programme

Program Name:Ho Chak! 好吃!

  • Introduction
is a food magazine program that aim to introduce the great food all over Malaysia. A different theme will be present in different episode in order to enhance the diversity of content. Asian cuisine have become a heat in Malaysia, this episode of will lead the audiences to enjoy the best Asian cuisine around Klang Valley area. BilaBa at DC Mall offer various Asian temptations cuisines, as the restaurant’s name that interpret “bila-bila pun boleh ‘ba’r”, this restaurant aim to deliver the good Asian food to Malaysian. A deep fried golden brown chicken chop matching with slightly sweetish tomato sauce, this menu contain special recipe of Hainanese Chicken Chop is a must try item in this restaurant. Maggi Goreng are familiar for Malaysian, but how about Mamak style pasta goreng? A special combination have become a famous food in Apart from that, Chinese cuisine is always a representative of Asian food culture. Front Line Cuisine that features in this episode are aim to endow a new perspective on authentic Chinese dishes. A special Shanghai-style imitation crab serve in the shape of yin yang was reported is Empress Dowager Cixi one of the favor dishes. Next, the appetizing Front Line’s pickled cabbage and chili soup with tender slices of fish that is perfect for whetting the appetite. A hidden hawker stall that located at the quiet alley in Kuala Lumpur, is serving a Malaysian traditional home cooked Chinese dishes. Their signature enticing white pepper pig stomach soup definitely mouthwatering and turn people out to be a sweaty affair. Next, their extraordinary chewy braised pig intestines that fully absorb the rich flavor of dark and thick sauce will satisfied all the offal lover without doubt. 《好吃!》是个介绍美食的马来西亚杂志类节目,每一集的节目都会设定某些主题的美食。 亚洲风味席卷大马,这期的《好吃!》将带领观众细赏各种亚洲风味美食。在炸得金黄色的鸡排上淋上秘制酱汁的海南鸡排绝对是店里的必点料理。另外,大家很熟悉的Maggi Goreng竟蜕变成了Mamak style 的 pasta goreng,超特别的配搭让它成了人气美食。 中式料理一直是亚洲饮食文化的佼佼者。将传统中式佳肴置入新概念,便是“一线馆”的宗旨。摆盘上呈独特阴•阳状的赛螃蟹据闻深受慈禧太后的喜爱。另外,店里的招牌老坛酸菜鱼,酸辣的口感绝对能打开大家的味蕾。 隐藏在小巷中的阿兴饭档,就是以浓厚的胡椒猪肚汤而闻名。另外,也是招牌之一的卤猪肉富有嚼劲的口感绝对让内脏爱好者为它疯狂。
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Participating Company (Full name):Metropolitan TV Sdn Bhd Country/Territory:Malaysia
Programme Title:Ho Chak! 好吃! Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 156 )Min( )Sec ×( 52 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2017-01-15
Broadcaster:马来西亚 8TV/ 八度空间 Name:
Director:YONG KIM FATT/ 杨金发 Scriptwriter:YONG KIM FATT/ 杨金发
Cameraman:LIM SAY GUAN/ 林师冠
Previous Awards : Producer:YONG KIM FATT/ 杨金发