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TV Drama

Program Name:Princess Agents 楚乔传

  • Introduction
The story was set in turbulent Western Wei Dynasty. Slave girl Chu Qiao survived from the nobles' hunter games. She went to Yuwen's house and plan to take her siblings away. However, she attracted royal spymaster Yuwen Yue's attention and was trained as spy in secret. There was a complicated emotion between Chu Qiao and Yuwen Yue since then. Yan Xun, who was the Prince of Yan Household, lost his heart to Chu Qiao as well. When Chu Qiao escaped from Yuwen House, Yan Xun's family were all killed by the King. Chu Qiao chose to protect Yan Xun. They made the revenge plan together. Years later, Yan Xun succeeded and gained the rulership. He turned to be a demon by the heart of hatred. He still loved Chu Qiao, but different faith splited them. Yuwen Yue, who was seen as enemy by Chu Quao, protected her all the time. The three struggled with their love, family, responsiblility and faith. During the war between Wei and Yan, Chu Qiao showed her military prowess. She fighted for the people's freedom and her own faith. She also mastered the superb skills as an agent. Finally, Chu Qiao became an outstanding heroine. That was just the begining of Chu Qiao's legend. 西魏年间风云变幻。少女奴隶楚乔在贵族间的“饥饿游戏”中死里逃生。之后她进入宇文府,伺机带亲人逃脱,岂料,反被皇室御用谍者宇文玥秘密特工训练,与这位仇人产生爱恨纠葛,更被沃野世子燕洵所关注。 楚乔欲逃脱追寻自由之时,一场朝廷阴谋让她的命运与家破人亡的燕洵捆绑在一起。残酷世界里两人相依为命。数年后,霸业将成的燕洵对楚乔痴情一片,却因内心的仇恨黑化成魔,两人渐行渐远;而当初被楚乔视为仇人的宇文玥却默默守护着她。爱情、亲情、责任与信念使楚乔、宇文玥、燕洵深陷纠葛的漩涡。 当敌军压境,涅槃重生的楚乔运用奇兵力挽狂澜,为天下苍生和心中坚毅的信念而浴血奋战,特工技能屡次升级,最终成为惊才绝艳的一代女战神。 然而这一切只是楚乔传奇人生的开始……
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Participating Company (Full name):Shanghai Mi Tao Media Co., Ltd. 上海蜜淘影业有限公司 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:Princess Agents 楚乔传 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 45 )Min( 0 )Sec ×( 58 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2017-06-05
Broadcaster:Hu Nan.China,Hu Nan Satellite TV (中国 湖南、湖南卫视) Name:
Director:Wu Jinyuan 吴锦源 Scriptwriter:Jia Wen 嘉纹 、Yang Tao杨涛 、Chen Lan 陈岚
Cameraman:Gan Yunquan 甘运全 、Li Suo 李所
Previous Awards :2017年9月26日 2017微博电视剧影响力盛典年度剧王 2017年10月27日 美国亚洲影视节“金橡树奖”优秀电视剧奖 Producer:Liu Yingxuan 柳盈瑄
Leading Actor-Lin Gengxin 林更新
Leading Actress-Zhao Liying 赵丽颖
Supporting Actor-Wang Yanlin 王彦霖
Supporting Actress-Li Qin 李沁
Director-Wu Jinyuan 吴锦源
Theme Song—Gaze 《望》