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TV Drama

Program Name:Happiness and Sorrows with Village Official 苦乐村官

  • Introduction
农民歌手万喜得了民歌比赛冠军,红祥村村支书杨腾龙费尽周折把万喜骗回村,让他当了名誉村主任。万喜本不想当官,可乡亲们的窘境让他改变了主意。万喜母亲希望万喜娶五年前差点定亲的姑娘梅花。可万喜还惦记着初恋情人,已成寡妇并拖着孩子的杏花。 万喜走马上任想大干一场,却遇到重重阻碍。乡亲们想利用他的名人效应向政府伸手要救济。万喜不甘心当个“要饭”村官,为了村民的幸福生活,万喜决定留下来并顶住压力带领乡亲们自主扶贫,通过养羊、引进自来水、安装新路灯、建立电商网站、开发旅游业等。使红祥村起到了翻天覆地的变化。在努力带领乡亲们致富的同时,万喜也收获了美好的爱情。 A singer Wan xi come from farm and win the folk song competition,Red auspicious village secretary let Wang xi go back the village painstakingly,let he become the agency village director.Wang xi don’t want to become a officer before,but villagers’awkward situation let he change his mind.Wan xi’s mother hope he can marry the girl Mei hua who could be married with him before five years.But Wan xi still concern his first love,A widow and a child's Xing hua. Wan xi pick up the work and think to doing something awesome,but get stuck.Villager want to use his fame to get money from government.Wan xi don’t want to be a ‘beg’ director,for the happiness of villiagers’life ,he decides to stay and resist the pressure ,lead villager poverty relief by themselves.By sheep farming,Tap water,build new lighter,establish electronic business website,Development of tourism and else.It makes red auspicious village change a lot. While trying to lead the villagers to get rich, wanxi also got a good love.
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Participating Company (Full name):Shanghai Baoqi Film&TV Culture Co.,Ltd. 上海保奇影视文化发展股份有限公司 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:Happiness and Sorrows with Village Official 苦乐村官 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 41 )Min( 30 )Sec ×( 30 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2017-09-25
Broadcaster:中国中央电视台第八套电视剧频道(CCTV-8) Name:
Director:白永成Yongcheng Bai Scriptwriter:曹锐Rui Cao
Cameraman:张波 Bo Zhang
Previous Awards :2016年11月3日,第十二届中美电影节最佳电视剧入围奖、最佳电视剧新晋导演奖、最佳男配角奖 Producer:周玫Mei Zhou
Director-Bai Yongcheng
Scriptwriter-Cao rui
Theme Song-《齐心奔小康》