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TV Drama

Program Name:Peony Pavilion 牡丹亭

  • Introduction
《牡丹亭》故事梗概 南宋初年,南安太守杜宝之女杜丽娘私自游园,触景生情,梦中与岭南书生柳梦梅幽会。从此一病不起,怀春而死。后柳生进京赴试,借宿杜府。丽娘之魂魄历经艰难终于在此见到了柳生,并将实情告之。生死相隔,难阻人鬼之情。柳生决意掘墓开棺,助丽娘起死回生。丽娘复生,与柳生同往临安。柳生在临安应试后,因金兵南侵,朝庭延迟放榜。此时安抚使杜宝在淮安被围。柳生受丽娘嘱托,送家信传报还魂喜讯。杜宝不信,将柳生囚禁,并押回临安。恰逢放榜,柳生高中状元。大殿之上,柳生请缨与杜宝同退金兵,高宗恩准。翁婿之间尽弃前嫌,合力击退金兵。凯旋之日,高宗赐婚,终于成全了杜丽娘、柳梦梅这一段生死奇缘。 Synopsis of the《 Peony Pavilion》 At the beginning of Southern Song Dynasty, Du Liniang, the daughter of the prefecture administrator of Nan’an called Du Bao, went for a stroll secretly in the garden. Deeply affected by the scenery, Du Liniang had a dream in which she had a loving date with a scholar from Liniang called Liu Mengmei. Liniang fell sick after since, and died because of this unfulfilled love. On the other hand, Liu was on his way to the capital for the national exam, and he stayed at Du’s mansion for the night. Liniang’s spirit finally managed to see Liu, and she told him the truth. Although they are separated by death, their love cannot be stopped. Liu decided to dig out the coffin and try to resurrect her. Eventually he succeeded and Liniang went to Lin’an with Liu for the national exam. After the exam, the release of the result was delayed because the country was invaded by Jin’s army. By this time, Military Commissioner Du Bao was surrounded by the enemy in Huaian. Liniang asked Liu to go to her father and tell him that she had come back to life, but Du Bao refused to believe Liu and imprisoned him. On their way back to Lin’an, the result came out and Liu was the first on the list. In front of the king/emperor, Liu asked to help Du Bao to fight Jin’s army together, and was granted. Liu and Du Bao buried their hatchets and fought the enemy together and won. On the day that they finally came back from the front, the king/emperor granted the marriage between Liu and Liniang. They used to be separated in two different worlds, but now they can finally be together.
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Participating Company (Full name):C-TV Splendid Media Group北京中视精彩影视文化有限公司 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:Peony Pavilion 牡丹亭 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 45 )Min( 0 )Sec ×( 36 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2016-09-23
Broadcaster:英国普罗派乐卫视 Propeller TV Name:
Director:彭景泉、李翰韬 Peng Jingquan、Li Hantao Scriptwriter:曾有情、水能沉、宋晋川 Zeng Youqing、Shui Nengchen、Song Jinchuan
Cameraman:麻又台、刘辉 Ma Youtai、Liu Hui
Previous Awards :暂无 Producer:熊诚 Xiong Cheng