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Program Name:Travel With My Love 亲爱的,我们去旅行

  • Introduction
This heartwarming travelogue follows celebrities and their loved ones as they discover the world together.. Do you still remember last time when traveling with my parents? Is there any travel record for you? Is there a good memory in memory? There is a kind of affection is paid without regret, in order to thank them for their dedication, this season, "my dear, we travel" let the children arrange an unforgettable journey for my dear family! Different family backgrounds have different modes of expressing love. Through the program, you will find that parents and children experience the journey of not only parents' care of their children, but also their children's caring activities toward their parents. Through their footsteps, listening to their stories along the way, feeling different parent-child travel, experiencing unexpected things, surprises and moving interlaced, so that the audience feel the most sincere affection. The program also allows the usual busy artists have the opportunity to stay away from work, cherish the time together with their family, do not be too late to regret that I missed. 还记得上次和爸妈出游是什么时候吗?有没有一段属于你们的旅游记录?是否有一段记忆中的美好回忆?有一种亲情是不求回报而无悔的付出,为了答谢他们的付出,这一季“亲爱的,我们去旅行”就让子女为亲爱的家人安排一次难忘的旅程吧! 不同的家庭背景,有不同表达爱的模式,透过节目将会发现父母与子女共同经历的旅行中,不仅有父母对子女的呵护,更有子女对父母的贴心小举动。通过他们的足迹,聆听他们一路上的故事,感受不一样的亲子游,经历意想不到的事,惊喜与感动交错而行,让观众一同感受到最真摰的亲情。节目长10集,由10位艺人担任旅游体验者,艺人将会带着他们亲爱的家人一起到国外去游历! 10位艺人包括Berg李晨运,云镁鑫,Joey梁祖仪,王菁忆,林静苗,Alvin王竣,杨雁雁,JoJo吴俐璇,Owen叶剑峰及Baki巴麒。他们到访的国家有中国张家界,韩国,澳洲,台湾,越南,土耳其及上海等。节目中也让平常忙碌的艺人有机会可以远离工作,珍惜可以跟家人相聚的时光,别在来不及的时候才遗憾自己错过了。
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Participating Company (Full name):Natseven Tv Sdn Bhd Country/Territory:Malaysia
Programme Title:Travel With My Love 亲爱的,我们去旅行 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 600 )Min( )Sec ×( 10 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2017-10-27
Broadcaster:马来西亚 ntv7 Name:
Director:See Chee How/ 许喆浩 Scriptwriter:Mint Teh/ 郑琳敏
Cameraman:Tan Choo Harn
Previous Awards : Producer:Mint Teh/ 郑琳敏