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TV Documentary

Program Name:Get Real - Escape from Marawi

  • Introduction
May 23, 2017. Marawi city was overrun by ISIS militants. For weeks, many families chose to barricade themselves in their own homes. By the 3rd day, thousands were trapped under crossfire. In the face of crisis, a group of men risked their lives to offersafe passage to those who were left behind. Get Real pieces together an intimate and harrowing account of the Marawi siege through the eyes of those who have lived through the ordeal. Using mobile phone videos, and text messages sent by many residents to their loved ones, we reveal the many faces of the conflict. As the battle for Marawi draws to a close, we look at the cost of the war and the scars that stay for generations to come.
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Participating Company (Full name):Mediacorp Pte Ltd, Channel NewsAsia Country/Territory:Singapore
Programme Title:Get Real - Escape from Marawi Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 41 )Min( 41 )Sec ×( 1 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2017-10-30
Broadcaster:Mediacorp Pte Ltd, Channel NewsAsia Name:
Director:Anna Karenina Tolentino Scriptwriter:Anna Karenina Tolentino
Cameraman:Nana Buxani
Previous Awards : Producer:Sharon Hun (Executive Producer) & Anna Karenina Tolentino (Producer)