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TV Entertainment Programme

Program Name:Mandarin Battle Star Season 7 无敌状元 第七季

  • Introduction
Mandarin Battle Star programme is to improve the general knowledge and the language proficiency, in this case, Mandarin, among our primary school students. Online written tests will be conducted nationwide from 5th March 2016. Top 16 schools, represented by their respective 3 students, will be selected to participate in the TV quiz show. In each episode, 16 teams will compete in different games stage in order to win the competition. Questions will range from vocabulary, pronunciation, proverb, common mistakes, grammar and general knowledge. In this episode we are going to the outdoor recording at Mah Meri Cultural Village in Pantai Jengkok,Sepang. Outdoor education provides students with opportunities to develop personal and social skills, to become active, safe, and skilled in the outdoors, and to protect and care for the environment. Production team provide a unique experience to spend a week-end with contestants. Experience an Orang Asli of the Mah Meri daily activities, the hunt for food and their culture in their struggle for survival.6 teams from TOP 6 they are SJK (C) CHUNG HWA 1,BUTTERWORTH;SJK (C)FOON YEW 5,JOHOR BAHRU;SJK (C) CONFUSION,KUALA LUMPUR;SJK (C) ON PONG 2,SELANGOR;SJK (C) CHIAN KUO,TANGKAK and SJK (C) CHUANG HUA 3,MUAR.After the few segment, SJK (C) ON PONG 2, SELANGOR and SJK (C) CHUANG HUA 3, MUAR collect the lowest point and they are disqualified to entitle to TOP 4. “无敌状元”由ntv7前华语新闻主播陈丽亭和谢承伟主持;晋级16强的学校队伍(3人一组队形)在“无敌状元”节目录製现场中接受多轮的晋级赛, 参赛的学校队伍除了在节目中和其他学校队伍之间以知识较量之外,还得要与同校的伙伴比知识,因为最后成为“无敌状元”,只有1人。 参赛者在为数10集的节目里,挑战各式各样的时事常识题,还得挑战“天马行空”的才艺表演题。 而参评作品是属于第8集的6强户外积分赛,6强队伍特地到我国原住民部落, 也就是雪兰莪马美丽原住民村庄(MAH MERY VILLAGE )进行比赛,并体验已经有300年村史的村庄生活。 小参赛者们被安排和原住民住在一起,感受少数民族的传送习俗和学习相处之道。
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Participating Company (Full name):Natseven Tv Sdn Bhd Country/Territory:Malaysia
Programme Title:Mandarin Battle Star Season 7 无敌状元 第七季 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 600 )Min( )Sec ×( 10 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2016-06-04
Broadcaster:马来西亚 ntv7 Name:
Director:Lim Foo Kong/ 林富江 Scriptwriter:Sia Sin Yei/ 谢欣怡
Cameraman:Effandi Dzulkifli
Previous Awards : Producer:Lim Foo Kong/ 林富江