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TV Animation

Program Name:Rainbow Sea : Storm Femirra星游记-风暴法米拉

  • Introduction
Rainbow Sea—Storm Femirra Directed by Mr. Hu Yibo, Rainbow Sea-Storm Femirra is the first made-for-online animated feature film and exclusively premiered on IQIYI.COM in August 2017. The film presents the encouraging and adventurous story of our teenage hero McDon after struck by an evil curse. The 3-person team led by our hero McDon entered the cruel competition “Storm Femirra” for winning the engine which is the key to their destination. Along the proceeding of the competition, McDon’s body condition went worse and the differences arise among the team members. At last, the other two members (Diya & Gudon) found out McDon’s real thought is to sacrifice himself to win the engine for the team to move on, and they also decided to do the same for McDon. The film has get 490 million views since premiered on IQIYI in August which secured the top position among the list. 由胡一泊导演,陶典、小连杀、山新等配音的中国第一部网络动画大电影,为2011年国产热血动画《星游记》的续集,于2017年在爱奇艺独家播出。 影片讲述了主角麦当身中诅咒后的故事。主角团队三人为实现梦想,参加了可以获得通往梦想之地的引擎的残酷竞技比赛——“风暴法米拉”。但在比赛中,三人因为麦当每况愈下的身体状况而产生分歧,做出了不同选择。最终,另外两人明白了麦当牺牲自我的决心,也决定为伙伴、为梦想赴死一搏。 本片自2017年8月上线爱奇艺,已取得4900万的点击量,位列榜单前列。
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Participating Company (Full name):Beijing For Fun Entertainment Culture Media Co., Ltd.北京全擎娱乐文化传媒有限公司 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:Rainbow Sea : Storm Femirra星游记-风暴法米拉 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 22 )Min( 00 )Sec ×( 3 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2017-08-11
Broadcaster:Mainland China , iQIYI.COM中国大陆,爱奇艺 Name:
Director:Hu Yibo胡一泊 Scriptwriter:Liu Lei 刘磊
Cameraman:Liu Hongzhi 刘弘智
Previous Awards : Producer:Shirley Wu吴彩华