Program Name: The Pleiades
Participating Organization:Asia Content Center Inc. (China/Japan)
Producer:Takeyuki Hirayama (Japan)
Director:Wang Jun (China)
Scriptwriter:Yang Hai Wei (China )
Cameraman:Cheng Yuanhai (China )
Duration:25 x 43’
To star:TianzhongyuziYushaoqunYintaoZhouyiwei
Ri Chunyun, also known as Chun r, chooses the path to become a eunuch to escape poverty. He advances in the court favoured by the West Dowager Empress. The other is Ryan UenShu. He passes the Imperial examination with a top score and he advances his career as a high-ranking official to become Emperor Guangxu’s confidante. The story evolves the West Dowager Empress and Emperor Guangxu both attempt to pull together the country in their own way, supported by Chun r and Ryan UenShu.
Host: Hong Kong Televisioners Association,
China Television Production Committee
Sponsor:China International Culture Art Center,