Best Animation

Program Name:Temple Ride
Nationality:China Hong Kong
Participating Organization:Radio Television Hong Kong (China Hong Kong)
Producer:Liz WONG, Matthew CHOW
Director:Joe KWUN, Miles CHENG
Scriptwriter:Matthew CHOW
Yan and her friends went cycling near a temple one day. Unfortunately, one of the auxiliary wheels of her bike was broken. Yan trembled in the ghastly fear of falling.
A monkey wizard led Yan into his Magic Temple. In order to keep away from the surrounding aliens, she was forced to flee on her broken bike wobbly. When she shuttled herself through all sorts of bewildered scenes, inspiring images brought her recalls of her past experience of overcoming difficulties.
Finally, she recovered her lost and found courage. She was brave enough to face challenges in her life.
Host: Hong Kong Televisioners Association,
China Television Production Committee
Sponsor:China International Culture Art Center,