Introduction the first Asian rainbow Award
Asia rainboe TV Production Committee co sponsored by Hongkong TV professionals association and Chinese Association of radio and television, the first awards in March 22, 2011 at the Hongkong International Film Exhibition (Filmart) held during the. Asia participating countries a total of 33, are: Taiwan, Hongkong, Chinese mainland, India, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand..... The Affleck's "escape from Tehran" winning 3 including best film award, Ang Lee works "life of Pi" won the best director, cinematography, visual effects, music and other 4 awards. Daniel day Lewis with "Lincoln" won the best actor, a record three degrees to become the winner; Jennifer - Laurence to "behind the clouds happy line" won the award for best actress, she is also the first won the Oscar winning actress honor after 90 new.
TV Drama -- Progtamme Category
  • · Best Historical Drama:The Pleiades
  • · Best Modern Drama:A Beautiful Daughter-in-Law Era
  • · Best Comedy:Hi My Sweetheart
  • · Best Action Drama: A Legend of Shaolin Kung Fu Heroes in Trouble
TV Drama -- Individual Category
  • · Best Leading Actor: Jianbin Chen
  • · Best Leading Actress: Zhou Yun
  • · Best Comedy Actor:Huang Lei
  • · Best Comedy Actress:Ma Yili
  • · Best Director: LEE Hyung-Min
  • · Best Scriptwriter: Wang Wanping
  • · Best Theme Song: Liu Lian
  • · Best Action Director: Feng Lin
Entertainment Programme -- Programme Category
  • · Best Variety Show:2009 Miss Asia Pageant Final
  • · Best Infotainment:Life TransformersⅡ
  • · Best Game & Quiz Show:Gate Keepers
Entertainment Programme  --  Individual Category
  • · Best Programme Host: Bobby Chinn
  • · Best Programme Hostess: Quan Yifong
TV Documentary -- Programme Category
  • · Best Society & Culture:After the Disaster
  • · Best Nature& Environment:Extraordinary Asians-Elephant Guardian
TV Documentary -- Individual Category
  • · Best Cinematography: Wu Xiaoping
  • · Best Direcor: Cui Yazheng
TV Animation -- Programme Category
  • · Best Animation:Temple Ride
TV Animation -- Indicidual Category
  • · Best Character Design: Shemy Chung
  • · Best Director in TV Animation: Joe KWUN, Miles CHENG
Progtamme Category

Program name:The Pleiades
 The poor children Li Chunyun (Chun Er) to pick up feces for a living, was born in a poor family, and mother and sister live together, in order to heal for mother, his own bidet, eunuch later served as the Empress Dowager Ci Xi. The spring son fellow, half brother and half brother Liang Wenxiu (History) in Guangxu twelve years of high school in the imperial examination champion, become the Imperial Academy in the nine rank system elected officials. The Qing Dynasty Emperor Guangxu's reign, internal, and Ci Xi was secretly opposing, intrauterine into party, a conservative led by Ci Xi, the other is Guangxu led reformers, the fight both with open and secret means, for the right to rule. The spring son at Ci Xi's favor, as a eunuch beside her, and Wenxiu get the emperor's support, is the central figure in the reformists young officials.
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Program name:Hi My Sweetheart
Xue Hai alias Lin Dalang, pretend poor kid, away from the two sister's protection, from Taiwan to Hangzhou study in Zhejiang University. At the Zhejiang University, Chen Baozhu see all my classmates hate myself, only up to waves are not afraid of death, the idea is that waves reached; ignite Po Chu's sense of justice, stirred up waves of desire to protect, so often reach wave "band" around. But, life is not perfect, produce beat all changes between the sea and the Po Chu Xue, Xue Hai brokenhearted! From then on Xue Hai no longer believe in love, but suddenly become arrogant Shanghai prince! Everywhere with money that day, honest and kind-hearted up waves completely disappeared…
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Program name: 2009 Miss Asia Pageant Final
The history of creating a Asian regional international pageants, pushing Asian beauty culture, absorb from Congress Chinese, Tatarstan, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Taiwan and Hongkong and other Asian beauty competition, select the region's most representative of the Miss Asia Pageant winners, to become Asia's new female image towards the world platform.

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Program name:After the Disaster
65 years ago, Mianzhu female normal school campus Belle Liu had come to her home now. That is not a love, but father and young stepmother to repay the Opium debt complete a transaction. In 65 years, she tried to run away, Dutch act here, but she is here raised five girls and a boy, multiply this family. 65 years, a long history, with all the grief at separation and joy in union Liu Popo, sour, sweet, bitter, hot into a life of node, this is home.
However, in the "5, 12" this day two and a half minutes, suddenly broken home.

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Program name:Temple Ride
One day, the little girl with friends in the "monkey god temple" in the small park near to ride a bike, because the auxiliary wheel inconvenience and peer grins and depressed. However Disasters pile up on one another., one auxiliary wheel in the accident damage. The little girl lost in the enemy but fear of falling, but had to get off, looked at the company on a bicycle disappeared. One has the magic monkey decided to help the little girl a. In his induction, the little girl into a quirky illusion space. In order to escape the disturbance of the strange beings, she had to bite the bullet on the bike, go swaying to strive forward.

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Indicidual Category

Character Design:Shemy Chung
Graduated from the Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. Beginning in 2006 on Asianwave journal advertising 3D animator. In 2007, Mercury Filmworks served for 2D animator, production of TV animation series. Since 2008, in the Free-D Workshop Co.Ltd as an art director, responsible for television advertising, set design and image design. TV advertising works including television advertising, such as "McDonald's", "Vitasoy"; films include "witness" and "bugging Fengyun".

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Director:Cui Yazheng
Cui Yazheng, Career Academy, Tianjin Radio and television animation department senior editor (Senior), graduated from the Directing Department of the Beijing Film Academy. Has long been engaged in art editor and photographic work. In 1988, Tianjin first poster design competition first prize. From 1995 to date as Tianjin TV social news television journalist, television director, shooting feature films, documentaries hundreds of.

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Director:LEE Hyung-Min
Lee has produced a series of unique drama, and become the high audience rating guarantee. The speech of Li Dao: "this is the responsibility of the director, actors and crew members on the stage feeling comfortable". His directing drama "bad man" is the human desire and passion, the inner light and dark interwoven. The audience will be in this department to see different aspects of strength from his new drama "bad boy" it shows the depth of the human heart desire.

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Host: Hong Kong Televisioners Association,
China Television Production Committee
Sponsor:China International Culture Art Center,