The First Asia Rainbow TV Awards(Best of Awards/Outstanding Award)
TV Drama   Programme Category:Historical Drama Modern Drama Comedy Inspiring Drama Action Drama
       Individual Category:Leading Actor Leading Actress Comedy Actor Comedy Actress Director Scriptwriter Theme Song Action Director
Entertainment Programme  Programme Category:Best Variety Show Best Infotainment Best Game&Quiz Show
       Individual Category:Programme Host Programme Hostess
TV Documentary Programme Category:Society & Culture Nature & Environment
       Individual Category:Cinematography Director
TV Animation Programme Category:Animation
       Individual Category:Character Design Director
TV Drama -- Best Modern Drama
Program Name: A Beautiful Daughter-in-Law Era
Participating Organization:Beijing Hualu Baina Film & TV Co., Ltd (China)
Producer : Liu Dehong
Director: Liu Jiang
Scriptwriter: Wang Liping
Cameraman: Chen Kunhui
Duration : 36 x 48’
  When beautiful nurse Mao Doudou has blind date with young photographer Yu Wei, she actually meets her first lover Li Ruoqiu. So the date ends unhappily. Coincidentally, she and Yu Wei meet on several blind dates after that. Finally, she deeply moves by the story behind the dates of Yu Wei and decides to get along with him.The complex family of Yu Wei makes DouDou feel awkward. Yu’s parents have divorced and each formed another family. DouDou’s mother-in-law is a troublesome person. Yu also has a crazy sister Yu Hao. DouDou and Yu’s love road has been challenged.
TV Drama -- Best Action Drama
Program Name: A Legend of Shaolin Kung Fu Heroes in Trouble
Participating Organization: Hanan Television Station (China) and Beijing Blue Moonlight Movie & TV
Communication Co. Ltd. (China) Producer : Zhou Wei
Director: Du Xiao
Scriptwriter : Yang Lijun
Cameraman : Qiu Jianmin
Duration : 42 x 45’
  There is a temple called Shaolin the deep in Mount Songshan. It is the place where Chinese Kung Fu originated. About 1500 years ago when Chinese kung Fu emerged, a Buddhist abbot called Zhiyuan lived in the temple. He had six disciples who were very good at Kung Fu. Each of them had his own unique skill. Huike was a general before he became a monk. Being discontented with the cruelty of the emperor, he revolted against the emperor. So the emperor killed his entire family, except Zhiyuan and his daughter Xiyue who escaped and then lived a life on the run. Taking the lead in resisting the tyrant and saving the people with his Kung Fu, Zhiyuan and his disciples and daughter became heroes.
TV Drama -- Best Historical Drama
Program Name: The Pleiades
Participating Organization: Asia Content Center Inc. (China/Japan)
Producer: Takeyuki Hirayama (Japan)
Director: Wang Jun (China)
Scriptwriter: Yang Hai Wei (China )
Cameraman: Cheng Yuanhai (China )
Duration : 25 x 43’
  Ri Chunyun, also known as Chun r, chooses the path to become a eunuch to escape poverty. He advances in the court favoured by the West Dowager Empress. The other is Ryan UenShu. He passes the Imperial examination with a top score and he advances his career as a high-ranking official to become Emperor Guangxu’s confidante. The story evolves the West Dowager Empress and Emperor Guangxu both attempt to pull together the country in their own way, supported by Chun r and Ryan UenShu.
TV Drama -- Best Comedy
Program Name: Hi My Sweetheart
Participating Organization: Comic Field Productions Co. Ltd (China Taiwan)
Producer: Angie Chai
Director:Lin, He-Long
Scriptwriter: Angie, Yang Bi-Fong, Chen Hong-Jie, , Jiang Jia-Hu, Luo Cian-Ni
Cameraman: Huang Fong-Ming
Duration : 14 x 90’
  Hsueh Hai (Show Luo) is a certifiable dork who comes from a wealthy family. At age 20, he decided to study abroad in Hangzhou. To protect his identity, Xue Bo gave him an alias "Lin Da Lung," who is supposed to be a poor student.At Zhejiang University, Da Lung meets Chen Bao Zhu (Rainie Yang): an eccentric, friendless alpha-female social rebel. Lin Da Lung becomes unconditionally persistent for her friendship and endlessly delivers a peaceful and constant variable of support and acceptance to her neglected life. However, between Hsueh Hai and Bao Zhu unexpected turn of events, Hsueh Hai breaks his heart and vows to never again commit in love….
TV Drama -- Best Actor
Name:Jianbin Chen (China)
Participating Organization: Orient Henghe Film & Video Culture CO.,LTD
(China)Participated Program: Three Kingdom
Character:Cao Cao

TV Drama -- Best Actress
Name: Zhou Yun (China)
Participating Organization : Beijing TV Art Center (China) and Dongyang Flower Movie and TV Culture Co. Ltd (China)
Participated Program: Golden Anniversary of a Stormy Romance
Character: Shu Man

TV Drama  -- BEST Actor (COMEDY)
Name: Huang Lei (China)
Participating Organization : Beijing Xinbaoyuan Movie & TV Investment Co., Ltd (China)
Participated Program:Plots of Marriage Battle
Character:Xu Xiaoning

Name: Ma Yili (China)
Participating Organization : Beijing Xinbaoyuan Movie & TV Investment Co. Ltd.
(China)Participated Program: Plots of Marriage Battle
Character: Li Mei

TV Drama -- Best director
Name: LEE Hyung-Min
Participating Organization:Good Story (Korea,)
Program Directed :

   Director Lee Hyung Min who makes drama sometimes gently and sometimes in depth, has been produced unique drama series which make many drama manias and hit the high TV rating. Director Lee say “It is producer’s responsibility to make actors and staffs feeling comfortable on the stage” In his drama “Bad Boy”, he drew the human desire and the passionate love from the struggle of human heart between light and darkness. The audience will see the different aspect of intensity from his new drama series “Bad Boy” which shows the desire of human deep inside.
TV Drama -- Best Scriptwriter
Scriptwriter: Wang Wanping (China)
Participating Organization : Beijing TV Art Center (China)/Dongyang Flower Movie and TV Culture Co.Ltd (China)
Program Name: Golden Anniversary of a Stormy Romance

Theme Song -- Best Theme Song
Program Name: Age of Glory 2
Song : Liu Lian
Lyricist: Wu Yijian
Participating Organization: Natseven TV SDN BHD Malaysia

The midnight suddenly asked me to remind you of your back I still hard to forget
If only encounter would leave traces let at this time I want to hug you
After these years of wind and rain these years of efforts we find themselves in different under the moonlight
Occasionally looking back to the memories, have also lost the heart you are safe again
With my eyes closed quietly lying in a rocking chair that leave the season of your imagination
Side stream if can fall to recall if I open my eyes can see you again
TV Drama -- Best Action Director
Program Name:Three Kingdom
Action Director : Feng Lin
Participating Organization : Orient Henghe Film & Video Culture Co. Ltd. (China)
Director:Gao Xixi

Host: Hong Kong Televisioners Association
China Teletision Production Committee
Assist hostChina international culture and Art Center China Network Exchange of TV Show(CTVCC.COM)